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Plan Sponsors: Ensure Compliance and Enhance Retirement Readiness with Direct Bitcoin Exposure in 401k Plans

DAIM's flagship MF & BTC 90/10 (a 60/30/10 portfolio) vastly outperforms the MF Balanced portfolio (a traditional 60/40) portfolio.

Plan Sponsors Can Ensure Compliance and Enhance Retirement Readiness with Direct Bitcoin Exposure in 401k Plans, as Summer Review Season Approaches

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, June 26, 2023/ -- As the summer months arrive, plan sponsors are reminded of the crucial task of reviewing their 401k plans to maintain compliance and optimize employee benefits. This period often coincides with the annual compliance testing, making it an opportune time for plan sponsors to assess their plans. The Department of Labor (DOL) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have established guidelines for 401k plans, placing the responsibility on plan sponsors to ensure compliance. Non-compliance can result in severe penalties, fines, and legal repercussions. Regular reviews help prevent such consequences while keeping the plan in line with regulations.

A key reason for plan sponsors to conduct frequent reviews is to ensure that the 401k plan effectively caters to participants' needs. As the workforce evolves, employees' preferences and requirements change as well. Evaluating the plan helps identify areas that may require updates or modifications to better serve employees.

One way to meet the evolving needs of participants is to offer investment options that align with their retirement goals. Digital Asset Investment Management, DAIM, a leading provider in the industry, introduces portfolios with direct exposure to Bitcoin. Allocating a portion of a portfolio to Bitcoin can enhance risk-adjusted returns over the long term. For companies with an employee base averaging below 50 years old, the benefits of including Bitcoin outweigh the associated risks. DAIM's portfolios deliver risk-adjusted outperformance without significantly overweighting portfolios with Bitcoin. With a maximum allocation of 10%, a 60/30/10 Stock/Bond/Bitcoin portfolio significantly outperforms a traditional 60/40 Stock/Bond portfolio over an extended time horizon. Notably, DAIM purchases Bitcoin directly on a prominent US cryptocurrency exchange, ensuring pure exposure without intermediaries or derivative products.

As summer approaches, plan sponsors are urged to review their 401k plans to ensure compliance and prepare employees for financially secure retirements. Compliant plans can now incorporate direct exposure to Bitcoin. Contact DAIM to explore the possibilities and make it a reality.

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