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EdTech’s Future: Ari Stiegler Discusses Education Startups

A classroom like this one could benefit from EdTech, which Ari Stiegler helps develop

A classroom like this one could benefit from EdTech, which Ari Stiegler helps develop

Ari Stiegler is an EdTech trendsetter, and his could affect future industry growth. Click here to learn more.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 26, 2023/ -- New economies and markets are emerging in EdTech, with it set to explode over the next few years, according to statistics.

Ari Stiegler, a proven genius when it comes to identifying profitable tech companies, is revolutionizing the way startup lending for companies like EdTech ventures function by creating offers options for those investing in tech startups to have liquidity while they wait for a company to either be sold or go public. could change the game for many startups venturing into EdTech over the next few years. It will allow more shareholders to participate who have held back previously because of liquidity. Once again, Stiegler has been ahead of trends, and this will mean a huge win for education across the country as more EdTechs emerge.

The list of education technology startups is expected to grow rapidly, as it has over the past three years. could add to that list by drawing in more investors. Private tech companies currently hold $2 trillion, with that money tied up until a company is either sold or goes public. That puts shareholders at a disadvantage and discourages many from investing in multiple companies. allows shareholders, founders, and employees to get loans by using their startup shares as security. This opens the door for many who would otherwise sell their shares to improve liquidity or who wouldn't invest at all. It's an innovative approach to encourage both investing and long-term investment that will benefit all types of tech startups, including those in EdTech. Such approaches are known to inspire innovation.

Ari Stiegler was ahead of the EdTech trend when he founded TutorMe in 2015. It is a live tutoring platform that allows students to have classroom instruction online. Zovio bought TutorMe in 2019, and it now has approximately 650,000 online students and is used as an educational supplement in many public and private schools.

Stiegler's instincts regarding EdTech and other types of businesses were proven correct with the onset of COVID-19. The pandemic caused the EdTech industry to boom in 2020, with a major acquisition period causing waves. Similarly, he also created the ambassador model of marketing that was used by Lyft to generate $100,000,000 in lifetime revenue.

The new trends Stiegler is investing in are real estate and green energy. However, Ari Stiegler states he likes to fix problems wherever they may be, whether it is people trying to get needed transportation, loans for startups, or creating innovations for education.

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