Revolutionizing Healthcare: SenSights.AI Amplifies Physician’s Efficiency with EPIC EMR Integration

Full Turnkey RPM Solution

Full Turnkey RPM Solution



Epic EMR integration into SenSights.AI RPM platform enhances efficiency, coordination and cost savings for doctors, leading to better patient outcomes.

Interoperability and seamless data flows are key to transforming healthcare delivery”
— Nauman Jaffar, founder and CEO of SenSights.AI

LOS ANGELES, ONTARIO, UNITED STATES , June 14, 2023/ -- SenSights.AI proudly announces the successful integration of Epic Electronic Medical Records (EMR) into its comprehensive Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring platform. This milestone integration enhances efficiency, coordination, and cost savings for doctors, leading to better patient outcomes.

Epic is the largest EHR provider which maintains 32.9% of the share for acute care hospitals in the United States (Source: Becker's Health IT). EMRs serve as a consolidated storage of critical medical data, enabling clinicians to access patient information swiftly and make data-driven treatment decisions. The RPM interoperability with Epic results in an all-one platform that updates patient data on both ends in real-time, promoting accurate medical decision-making and improving patient care. It eliminates duplicate work, streamlines workflows, and ensures accurate documentation and billing.

"Interoperability and seamless data flows are key to transforming healthcare delivery," says Nauman Jaffar, Founder and CEO of SenSights.AI. "With the integration of Epic EMR into our telehealth platform, we empower healthcare providers with efficient workflows, automated processes, and real-time access to patient data. This integration not only enhances patient care but also delivers cost savings and increased operational efficiency."

SenSights.AI is known for its commitment to integration, having already successfully integrated with a number of platforms, FDA-approved devices including 4G, wearables (ex: AmnioFit, Apple watch, Fitbit), IoT sensors (eg:fall sensor), AI-powered biometric monitoring (Veyetals) ensuring comprehensive remote patient monitoring capabilities. To further enhance doctors’ experience, SenSights.AI has recently launched ClearMD.Online, an AI-powered speech-to-text and voice recognition solution to automatically summarize doctor-patient conversations, reducing paperwork and allowing doctors to focus more on patient care.

The collaboration between SenSights.AI and Epic EMR demonstrates the company's dedication to driving innovation and revolutionizing telehealth. As the demand for integrated EHR systems continues to rise, SenSights.AI remains at the forefront of providing advanced telehealth solutions that enhance patient care, improve operational efficiency, and drive better healthcare outcomes.

Visit SenSights.AI booth E167 (under MarkiTech) at Collision 2023 Conference in Toronto, Canada to learn more about its Remote Patient Monitoring, white labeling and possible integrations, or book a meeting online.

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SenSights.AI is a leading provider of innovative telehealth under MarkiTech, revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered. With its advanced telehealth platform, SenSights.AI provides a comprehensive remote monitoring solution designed for chronic conditions including Diabetes and Hypertension. Offering a full turnkey solution, handling everything from onboarding to billing, SenSights RPM saves time and resources for healthcare providers.

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