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ROO.AI Delivers Next Generation Digital Platform For Frontline Workers

Visual Work Instruction and Inspections

Easier Inspections and Work Instruction

Breakthrough Visual Experience Bridges Manufacturing Frontline Skills Gap And Integrates Teams Across Production, Quality Control, and Equipment Maintenance

BURLINGAME, CA, USA, June 7, 2023/ -- ROO.AI announced today the expanded availability of the first of its kind platform for frontline digital automation with a unique, reimagined visual interface for mobile devices that shows frontline workers exactly what to do, when they need to do it. Combined with smart automations and Bots to deliver on the spot assistance and micro-training, ROO.AI offers manufacturing companies an easy to adopt mobile and cloud platform to address the skills gaps caused by labor shortages and attrition of experienced workers.

“Manufacturing is facing an unprecedented skills crisis, and continuing to use paper for training and standard operating procedures is making it worse,” said Leo Sigal, CEO and co-founder of ROO.AI. “But, simply transferring office worker-like forms and digitized paper to mobile devices is not the solution. ROO.AI was created to bring a new, purpose-built software experience to workers that is easier, faster and more intuitive, because adoption and usability are the key to digitalizing the frontline.”

ROO.AI takes on the manufacturing skills crisis with a new approach. First generation solutions to connect frontline workers saw the mobile device as the change agent, but continued to embrace office worker paradigms such as text heavy, scrolling forms and digitized paper for inspections and work instruction. This has slowed adoption and limited success as reflected in studies like McKinsey’s Global Manufacturing Experts Survey which found that roughly two thirds of companies were struggling to escape what they referred to as “pilot purgatory.”

“It was a challenge to ensure consistent job performance with workers of different skill levels using paper-based work instruction and checklists,” said Mario De Leon, Warehouse Manager at Global Freight Services. “We knew it wasn’t enough just to digitize the paper, we had to make it easier for all workers to adhere to standard procedures. We started with ROO.AI for forklift inspections and soon we began to use it to digitally automate processes all across the warehouse, from truck loading to maintenance to corrective actions.”

Reimagining Digital For The Frontline

ROO.AI came to market with the understanding that a reimagined, easier visual user interface, plus Bots and AI were the key to adoption, and consequently upskilling workers and onboarding new employees. Now, with hundreds of customers and tens of thousands of users, ROO.AI is expanding rapidly in discrete manufacturing to improve worker productivity, quality and safety.

Built from ground up for non-technical deskless workers, with ROO.AI the focus is visual, presenting the exact representation of what needs to be done. Required actions are clearly marked and interactions minimized to simplify use and save time. Micro-training can be embedded in all workflows, assisting in onboarding and upskilling workers. Training and assistance can be delivered based on experience or user activity which ensures the continued use that drives procedural adherence to standard processes and quality goals.

A Platform To Eliminate Frontline Silos

ROO.AI is a complete platform for the digital automation of frontline processes. In addition to the breakthrough visualization approach and automated assistance, the ROO.AI platform combines mobile native workflows with modules for asset management, issue traceability, planned maintenance, work order management and analytics. ROO.AI customers are replacing paper and standalone mobile apps, and successfully digitalizing end-to-end frontline processes across production, quality and equipment maintenance.


ROO.AI, the leading purpose built platform to address frontline workforce skills gaps, is simplifying the jobs of frontline workers, and improving production, quality and costs for companies that depend on a frontline workforce for success. ROO.AI replaces paper to automate tasks such as assembly, inspections, quality control, equipment and field maintenance with a breakthrough visual interface, guided assistance and Bots on mobile devices to show workers exactly what they need to do, when they need to do it. A complete platform, including asset management, issue traceability, planned maintenance, work order management and analytics, ROO.AI digitalizes end-to-end frontline processes while helping companies onboard faster and upskill their workforce.

Stephen Zocchi