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Over 20 Startups in Cape Town Recognized in HackerNoon’s “Startups of the Year 2023”

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Startups of the Year 2023

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HackerNoon, the technology publishing company, is pleased to announce the nominees for Startups of the Year, featuring innovative companies in Cape Town.

We are thrilled to recognize the top startups in Cape Town and celebrate their achievements. These startups are redefining what it means to be innovative, and we are honored to showcase their work.”
— David Smooke, HackerNoon Founder & CEO
CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA, June 5, 2023/ -- HackerNoon, the technology publishing company, is pleased to announce the nominees for its annual “Startups of the Year” award, featuring the most promising and innovative companies in the Cape Town startup ecosystem.

Startups of the Year 2023 is a community-driven voting platform that recognizes startups that are changing technology and the world for the better. Starting May 8th, 2023, the internet can nominate and vote for the best ventures in their city. The voting period will remain open until December 31, 2023, and winners will be announced in January 2024 after a comprehensive evaluation by the HackerNoon team.

In its previous iteration, a total of 44,427 startups were nominated in 16 different regions, and the community cast 234,344 votes during a 6-month long campaign in favor of budding companies that were growing and trending across every major city in the world. The 1,382 winners received perks from sponsors, like 3,000 Brex Points, and a tech company news page from HackerNoon.

The 2023 Cape Town startups list, compiled by the HackerNoon team, showcases over 20 startups that are making significant contributions to the Cape Town economy and driving innovation in their respective industries.

The Startups in Cape Town nominated for Startups of the Year 2023 include:

Hyperion Dev
Agency CMS
Happy Snappy lite
Online PoPI
Adumo Online

All of these startups have demonstrated remarkable growth and innovation in their fields.

As a proponent of the open data movement, HackerNoon releases the unique social data gathered from Startups of the Year on GitHub as “/where-startups-trend” for valuable insights.

Apart from validation from the world's greenest tech publication, all nominees get free interviews relevant to their domain, region, and funding. They will also receive an amazing discount package designed for their startup and a free version of their very own Tech Company News Page on HackerNoon. These pages include business overviews (such as head count, founding year, bio, social links, and domain ranking) coupled with dynamic updates every time the company is mentioned in HackerNoon stories or relevant headlines around the web.

People can nominate their favorite startups until June 8th, and vote once per day per award for who they think should be Startup of the Year all the way up to December 31st.

In addition to the award itself, winners receive exclusive interviews, an exclusive NFT from HackerNoon, and a .Tech Domain for life.

For more information about the “Startups of the Year 2023” list and the nominated companies, please visit our FAQ page.

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