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Safe and More Efficient - This Flatbed Winch Streamlines the Cargo Securement Process

Trailer Torque Drive Winches

Trailer Torque Drive Winches

Mytee Products has taken the flatbed winch to a whole new level with inclusion of a ½” socket for torque wrenches. This inclusion makes the winch more flexible.

At Mytee, we’re all about listening to our customers and making products more efficient and easier to use. The ½” drive, allows truckers to make the process of tightening winch straps easier.”
— Prabhav Agarwalla, CEO of Mytee Products Inc.
AURORA, OH, UNITED STATES, June 2, 2023/ -- In the world of trucking, tie-down winches are an essential component of flatbed trailers, ensuring the securement of large loads and guaranteeing their safe arrival at their intended destinations. However, the traditional process of working with winches can be cumbersome and time-consuming. The need to repeatedly remove and reinsert a winch bar into the end cap's holes after each crank can be painstaking for truckers. Recognizing this challenge, Mytee Products took the initiative to revolutionize winches with their innovative Torque Winch for flatbeds.

While the Torque Winch shares certain characteristics with other standard winches in its category, such as its deep profile capable of accommodating large strap lengths without causing jams or excessive slack, it distinguishes itself with a remarkable feature. The winch's end cap is equipped with a ½" socket specifically designed for torque wrenches, eliminating the need for additional tools and streamlining the securement process.

By integrating the torque socket, Mytee Products has significantly enhanced the versatility of the winch. Unlike conventional winch end caps with a large hole on the side for the use of other tools, the Torque Winch's design minimizes complexity. For truckers constantly on the move, this innovation translates into substantial time savings and reduced effort. With a torque wrench or drill as the sole required tool, securement time can be halved or even further reduced. Moreover, even in situations where the necessary tools are not readily available, the winch can still be used with a winch bar as usual, without any additional hassle.

Mytee Products’ Torque Winch represents a notable advancement in winch technology, addressing the challenges faced by truckers in their daily operations. Its thoughtful design and incorporation of the torque socket have elevated efficiency, convenience, and ease of use. With this innovative winch, truckers can secure their loads quickly and effectively, enhancing safety on the road and streamlining their operations.

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Torque Drive Trailer Winch from Mytee Products