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Air Force Veteran Patrick Faulkner Launches Knock and Talk Podcast For LEOs

Patrick Faulkner

I wanted to create a podcast that celebrates our military and law enforcement as well as giving people an idea of what LEO life is about.–”
— Patrick Faulkner
CUMMING, GA, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2023/ -- Patrick Faulkner became a law enforcement officer after his time in the Air Force and noticed something: dark humor. He realized that many LEOs, first responders, and veterans often times turned to dark humor and jokes as a way to unwind and lower stress levels after a tough day at work.

He saw value as he talked to other LEOs about this phenomenon and had a brilliant idea. To launch a podcast that dealt with the dark times, the stories that weren’t always comforting. The Knock and Talk Podcast was born. Patrick immediately created a list of people to interview so he could share their stories about life on the street or in military service. Many people have no idea the level of trauma that LEOs and veterans face.


PTSD and Mental Health: Studies have shown that law enforcement officers are at a higher risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) compared to the general population. The constant exposure to traumatic incidents, violence, and the demands of the job can have a significant impact on their mental health. Depression, anxiety, and suicide rates are also higher among law enforcement personnel (ChatGPT website, 2023).

Assaults and Injuries: Law enforcement officers are often subjected to physical assaults while performing their duties. According to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, in 2019, there were 48,739 reported incidents of law enforcement officers being assaulted in the line of duty in the United States. These assaults can lead to injuries, some of which can be severe or even fatal (ChatGPT website, 2023).

Cumulative Trauma: Law enforcement officers often experience cumulative trauma due to the ongoing exposure to stressful situations and critical incidents throughout their careers. The accumulation of traumatic events can have a long-lasting impact on their mental and emotional well-being (ChatGPT, 2023).

Patrick has had a great guest lineup:
- Retired California Highway Patrol Assistant Chief Jonni Redick
- Retired Command Chief Master Sergeant Ericka Kelly
- Semi-Retired Arizona Sheriff's Deputy Randy Snyder

Listen to the Knock and Talk Podcast here:

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