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Training class gets hands-on with Warrior Equipment concrete grinder

Training class gets hands-on with Warrior Equipment concrete grinder.

Concrete Protector Trainees learn the art of Rustic Concrete Wood

Trainees learn the art of Rustic Concrete Wood.

Decorative concrete training with The Concrete Protector

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We Help Contractors Grow Incredible Businesses

Being an instructor for The Concrete Protector's decorative concrete training classes has been a great blessing for me and my family.”
— Dustin Kabara
SAINT MARYS, OH, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2023/ -- The Concrete Protector, a leading provider of concrete coating systems, has garnered widespread acclaim in the industry, earning hundreds of 5-Star Google Reviews for their free decorative concrete training. With their commitment to quality, innovation, and education, The Concrete Protector has become a trusted resource for contractors, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking to enhance their skills in the lucrative field of concrete coating.

One of the key factors behind The Concrete Protector's success is their dedication to providing hands-on training programs that go above and beyond industry standards. Their training classes offer a comprehensive learning experience, equipping participants with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to excel in concrete coating applications.

Participants of The Concrete Protector's training programs have consistently praised the company's commitment to personalized instruction and attention to detail. By keeping class sizes small, instructors are able to provide individualized guidance, ensuring that each participant receives the necessary support to develop their expertise.

"I have been to countless training classes. The Concrete Protector class was absolutely the best I have ever been to," Carl Carter wrote in a Google Review.

"The hands on training was absolutely amazing. The teaching and openness to answering any and all questions by Dustin really helped make this a true learning experience. Chrissy is the light that keeps the training going and the humor non stop," Jamal Taylor posted in another review.

The Concrete Protector's training classes are designed to expose the trainees to the latest techniques and materials in the concrete coating industry. Through partnerships with leading manufacturers and continuous research and development efforts, The Concrete Protector stays at the forefront of innovation.

By integrating the use of advanced materials and technologies, such as epoxy coatings, polyurea systems, and decorative concrete overlays, the trainees gain practical experience with versatile solutions that can be applied in a wide range of applications. The instructors not only teach the class about each system, they get hands-on with the trainees to ensure they gain the experience and confidence necessary to be successful once the class is complete.

"Being an instructor for The Concrete Protector's decorative concrete training classes has been a great blessing for me and my family," stated Training Instructor, Dustin Kabara. "Teaching and helping are driving forces in my life, as I love to help anyone with their goals, and see them succeed, whether in personal life or business."

"This opportunity has provided me with a very clear and direct purpose in my professional life, to transfer the knowledge I've been taught, in a way that helps small business owners and their local communities. I believe our hard work is paying dividends to the whole of our country. This team we have here at TCP is no less than incredible, everyone strives to make sure we are the best at what we do and offer," Kabara added.

The Concrete Protector's commitment to fostering a supportive community extends beyond the training programs themselves. Graduates of their training classes are welcomed into an extensive network of experienced professionals in the concrete coating industry, enabling them to establish valuable connections and continuous support.

"The most rewarding part of The Concrete Protector training classes is watching our Incredible Team of experienced business guides develop our contractors. This includes start-ups to companies with over 30 years of experience in this concrete industry. Contractors go home knowing they have an entire support team behind them," said Chief Belief Officer, Chrissy Dunifon.

"The most exciting part of TCP’s free training to me is watching all our new clients have the confidence to become part of our community of like-minded souls... to encourage, expand & watch the profit build," she noted.

The Concrete Protector's numerous 5-Star Google Reviews serve as a testament to the quality of their hands-on training programs. Trainees consistently praise the company's expertise, professionalism, and dedication to empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

"The training was amazing. Everything you need to know about concrete flooring design in two days. By far the best customer service I have ever encountered. They really do make you feel like family…and that doesn’t stop after you’ve completed training. They are always there to answer questions about products and best practices for applying. Excellent team, excellent company, excellent products," Angela Ely posted in a Google Review.

With their hands-on concrete coating training programs, commitment to innovation, and dedication to fostering a supportive community, The Concrete Protector has earned a well-deserved reputation as a leader in the industry. Their hundreds of 5-star Google Reviews reflect the satisfaction and success of their trainees, who have benefited from the comprehensive instruction, cutting-edge techniques, and support provided by The Concrete Protector. Whether individuals are starting a new business or seeking to expand their skills, The Concrete Protector stands by their company motto which states, "We Help Contractors Grow Incredible Businesses."

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