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United Diagnostic Services (UDS) Sets New Standards: Revolutionary Approach in Early Detection for First Responders

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UDS revolutionizes early detection for first responders, solidifying their position as a forefront advocate for firefighter health and safety.

In 120 days, UDS served 60+ IAFF locals nationwide, detecting 12 bladder, testicular, thyroid cancer cases. Swift action ensured timely interventions, surgeries, and support for affected individuals.”
— UDS CEO Ray Lankin
UNITED STATES, May 30, 2023/ -- United Diagnostic Services (UDS), a leading provider of preventive healthcare, is revolutionizing early detection programs for first responders, solidifying their position as a forefront advocate for firefighter health and safety.

At the Montana Professional Fire Fighters Association Convention, UDS CEO Ray Lankin and Clinical Director Adiba Dorcic emphasized the critical importance of early detection programs. Attendees received complimentary screenings, uncovering potential health concerns.

Partnering with the Kentucky Professional Firefighters Biennial Convention, UDS showcased their gold standard program, emphasizing the life-saving potential of early detection. Exclusive onsite health screenings were offered, prioritizing the health of first responders.

UDS continued their efforts at the PFFUI 47th Annual Convention in Indiana, unveiling the remarkable success of their early detection program. News of UDS's initiatives spread rapidly, captivating news agencies nationwide.

The journey culminated at the IAFF 4th District Education PEP Conference in Norfolk, Virginia, where UDS showcased an unwavering commitment to early detection programs. Through impactful presentations and over 100 health screenings, UDS ignited national awareness, transforming first responders' healthcare.

UDS CEO Ray Lankin revealed groundbreaking national data, detecting 12 cancer cases in the past 120 days alone. Swift action was taken to ensure timely medical interventions.

Gaining recognition from news agencies nationwide, UDS, a leader in diagnostic imaging services, sets new standards for early detection programs, captivating audiences with their initiatives to prioritize the health and well-being of first responders.

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