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MSAR Government to up investment in education and technology in context of letter from President Xi Jinping

MACAU, May 26 - The Chief Executive, Mr Ho Iat Seng, presided on Friday (26 May) over a seminar discussing and promoting important messages contained in a letter of reply from President Xi Jinping to local students and faculty members who took part in research for the ‘Macao Science Satellite-1’ space-exploration satellite. He told the gathering that the Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) Government would increase investment in the education and science and technology sectors, enhance the support mechanism for technological innovation, provide incentives for innovation, and promote the practical application of scientific research.

The seminar was held at the conference hall of the Macao Science Center. Representatives from all sectors of society took part in the discussion about the President’s letter, which had been dated to 23 May. The letter was one of congratulation and encouragement, addressed to Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) students and faculty members that took part in research for the Macao Science Satellite-1.

The satellite was the first collaboration between mainland China and Macao regarding space science. The craft was successfully sent up by the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, on 21 May.

During Friday’s seminar, the Chief Executive noted that this was President Xi’s second letter of reply to local students in five years, notwithstanding the state leader’s busy daily schedule.

The letter was not merely an affirmation of the work of MUST faculty members and students, but also a message embodying the care felt by, and the expectations of, the Central Government with regard to the people of Macao, said Mr Ho. He added that the letter was greatly encouraging to every Macao resident, and provided solid guidance for Macao’s enhanced development.

He said the MSAR Government would study in earnest the messages contained in the letter and repay the President’s support with concrete efforts.

In line with the President’s advice, Macao would make full use of its unique position as a window to the world, with the backing of the motherland, he added. The MSAR Government would press ahead with the strategy of driving development through innovation, in order to enhance Macao’s economic diversification and integration into national development.  

According to the Chief Executive, the high and new technology sector was included in the ‘1+4’ development model for economic diversification by the current administration. The sector grew even during the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. Macao academia, the business sector, and state key laboratories, all devoted their best efforts to achieve such progress. The successful launch of the Macao Science Satellite-1 was a particular milestone in Macao’s scientific endeavour.

Mr Ho pointed out that a thriving education sector would lead to an agglomeration of talent, while the development of technology would enable efficiency in governance.

The progress in the Guangdong-Macao Intensive Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, together with Macao’s hosting of world-famous technological exhibitions, such as the BEYOND Expo, all injected fresh momentum to Macao’s economic recovery, he added.

According to Mr Ho, building the nation into a world power in science and technology, and pressing ahead with Chinese-style modernisation, would greatly widen the horizon for the development of Macao’s tertiary education and technology sectors.

He underlined that President Xi’s letter came at a critical time for Macao, as the region prepared for the 25th anniversary of its return to the motherland, an event to be marked next year.

Thus, the MSAR Government is committed to the following four tasks:

First, to call on all sectors of society to have a better understanding of the messages outlined in President Xi’s letter. The MSAR Government will take the lead in studying the letter, and in transforming the President’s messages into motivation for better governance.

Second, the MSAR Government will contribute to the bigger cause of national development, by upholding the principle of ‘One country’, which is the bedrock of Macao’s development. It will give full play to Macao’s advantages – beneficial as they are to national development – so that Macao can play a part in the nation’s growth.

Third, the MSAR Government will press ahead with economic diversification. It will persist with the ‘1+4’ strategy for economic diversification, and grasp the opportunities offered by the next wave of technological innovation. It will also fine-tune the planning for implementation of the ‘1+4’ strategy, making better use of technological innovation.

Fourth, the MSAR Government will enhance the support mechanism for technological innovation. It will expedite the formulation of auxiliary measures for the legal framework on the importation of talent, in order to expand the pool of local scientific researchers.

The Chief Executive said he was confident that Macao would scale new heights, thanks to the strong leadership of the Central Government, the backing of the motherland, and the safeguarding of the ‘One country, two systems’ principle.