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Carbon Dating, Cold Fusion, and a Curve Ball

David D. Moon's captivating blend of science, theology, and energy innovation redefine ancient tales and forge a path to an energy-rich future.

ETOBICOKE, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 23, 2023/ -- Science and theology both help shape the world regardless of their opposing beliefs. For as long as both sides have existed, they have been the subject of numerous discussions and angst around the world.

David D. Moon pens Carbon Dating, Cold Fusion, and a Curve Ball that discusses different principles of physical science and ties them together with biblical stories giving readers a new perspective on age-old stories. Within the pages of the book, the author devises a possibly novel energy source that could help diversify the world’s energy source, in the hopes to answer the world’s energy problems. Bridging two worlds of quantum physics and biblical facts that will undoubtedly pique the interest of curious minds of all ages.

A book that delivers impartial insights to readers in a manner that is easily understood and provides adequate details and explanations. The author walks readers through biblical stories such as the Great Flood in Genesis and offers insights into the possibility that it was caused by Cold Fusion. Written in a manner that helps readers envision a future that abandons the world's dependence on fossil fuels for energy, a world where several alternative sources of energy exist.

Looking for a good read that tackles controversial and debatable topics? Prepared for a book that will blow the minds of scientists and biblical believers alike? Then get ready for David D. Moon's Carbon Dating, Cold Fusion, and a Curve Ball.

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