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Crimean Legends storytelling event organised by Young European Ambassadors – join on 24 May via Zoom

On 24 May, the EU-Ukraine Dialogue Initiative will be hosting an online event on Crimean folklore, covering four local legends translated by Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) from Ukraine. 

The event aims to provide a glimpse into Crimean culture in English. After realising that much of the cultural history of the Crimean Tatar people is not well documented in English, Ukrainians YEAs took it upon themselves to translate a collection of traditional myths and legends of the peninsula, which they hope to share with the networks and wider public. Every legend will be presented by a different Ukrainian YEA.

Starting in March, the EU-Ukraine Dialogue Initiative has worked on a number of projects focusing on Crimea, including online events, film screenings and a series of articles on Crimean history and culture. It fosters cooperation between Young European Ambassadors from Ukraine, the EU, and the UK. 

Freya Proudman says that in March, the initiative has also organised a guest speaker event about Crimean Tatar history and culture with the Marifet Youth Organisation. “In this meeting, we discussed with Marifet that a major challenge that Crimeans are facing is that Russia is seeking to erase their culture. We can show solidarity with Crimea by helping Crimeans to document their culture,” says Freya.

The storytelling event ‘Crimean Folklore Legends’ will take place on 24 May at 7pm CET, on Zoom. The event is organised by a group of dedicated Young European Ambassadors, including:

– Coordination Team: Freya Proudman, Moritz Clauder, and Viktoria Kravets.

– Translation Team: Daria Knurenko, Oleksandra Holubova, Atyia Al-Hammud.

– Narrators and Presenters: Kyryl Vuzkyi, Karina Zarichanska, Anna Vietrova, and Atyia Al-Hammud.

Registration link is available here.

Crimean Legends storytelling event organised by Young European Ambassadors – join on 24 May via Zoom