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5 Tips from ‘How To’ Business Book Pioneer BRIAN TRACY On Becoming a Best-Selling Author and Seminar Speaker

With Best-Selling Books like NO EXCUSES or KISS THAT FROG or MILLION DOLLAR HABITS, Brian Tracy Taught Generations of Entrepreneurs How to Realize Their Dreams

UNITED STATES, May 22, 2023/ -- Today, TEDX Talks, Keynotes and the Motivational Business Speaking circuit are established parts of the Entrepreneurial Experience and pop corporate culture. All – if successful – have their own cottage industry of How-To books and equally-as-importantly audio and video programs that comprise the source material for most of the live speeches they give. The original holy grail of training tapes virtually all of these Millennium pioneers followed were invented by legendary Motivational Speaker and Self-Help Author Brian Tracy, who reveals in his new career-spanning interview with hit streaming television show ABOUT THE AUTHORS TV, that in the early days of his public speaking career, “I never thought about writing until I had been speaking for 9 years, and a literary agent came to me because I’d been very successful with audio programs, and she said ‘Have you ever thought of turning your audio programs into a book?’ At first, I told her, ‘No, I don’t know anything about it,’ and she said ‘I can help you get published.’ She turned out to be one of the top literary agents in the world, we put together a 3-book proposal, and decided to publish the 3 books that were most popular as audio programs.”

Traveling back in time, Tracy’s journeyman years were spent on the road for hundreds of days each year first developing that salesman skill-set. Talking to the show, whose format is popular with both readers and writers, Tracy credits good-old-fashioned shoe-leather that got the job done: “I traveled all over the United States as a young man. When I first started speaking, I would knock on doors and sell people into coming into my weekend seminar, and I would then give a 2-day seminar and it took me a year or two before I started earning any money. Then more and more people began to come to the seminars. I was just sort of scrambling to figure out to do it, and FINALLY found the formula for filling a seminar.”

“At the time, I was producing my own audio programs independently and selling them at my seminars. The first one I ever produced was called THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ACHIEVEMENT, because before that, people would come up to me at the end of the seminar and say ‘You should record this because I’d like to listen to it again and again.’ I was resistant at first, but finally I went out, bought a cassette-audio recorder, and had a friend of mine sit in the front row of the seminars and operate this and record the program. Then we took those master cassettes and produced 8 cassettes, about 90 minutes each. Then at the end of each seminar, I would sell these sets of tapes for $65, $75, and people said they loved the program, even though it was just a raw recording!” (laughs)

“Eventually, at my wife’s urging, I contacted Nightingale-Conant, who were the giants of the industry at the time, and said ‘I have an audio program that is selling very, very well, would you be interested in listening to and perhaps reproducing it?’ This was a Thursday, I sent it overnight by Federal Express. As luck would have it, the president of the company was leaving to drive home that Friday night, and asked if there was anything new that had come in to listen to and they handed him my package of tapes. That Monday, he said ‘This is really good, we’re going to publish it.’ The first one we did was The Psychology of Achievement, and it just exploded and sold hundreds of thousands of copies and the best-selling book followed. Many people have told me it’s the best success program in the world, and this was back in 1983 and its still selling today in 25, 35 languages! People have become not only millionaires but actually BILLIONAIRES as a result of that title or NO EXCUSES, KISS THAT FROG or MILLION DOLLAR HABITS and then practicing the principles.”

After spending years refining his content and delivery while building a following of entrepreneurs that now spans generations, Tracy eventually becoming an expert motivational public speaker in the business community and lecture circuit. Developing a series of tried-and-true methods to hooking an audience and keeping their attention, and not just for that first public talk, but for years afterward if what you have to say connects with what they want or need to hear motivationally or educationally within the business arena:

Tip 1: SELF CONFIDENCE MATTERS: “The most important thing I discovered very early back in the day was that the key to personal success is your level of self-esteem.”

Tip 2: ALWAYS BE THINKING IN TERMS OF MARKETING: “My idea was very simple with EAT THAT FROG: ‘If you said, here’s a wonderful book that has some great ideas in it,’ then people may or may not buy it. But if you had 21 ideas, then that same person might say ‘There’s enough value in here to buy the book.’ So I began to talk at my seminars and in my books about what I call ‘My 21s.’ ”

Tip 3: SELLING IS TELLING: “As I was writing these best-selling books, at the same time, I was doing seminars around the country, and I’d come and speak all day with a workbook and everything. My average audience size was 1600, and lots of sales people would come, and we’d do 40 to 50 seminars a year traveling around the country.”

Tip 4: CONTENT IS KING: “All my books sell, and the reason they sell is they’re LOADED with content. That is a result of my having read about 150,000 hours over the course of my lifetime.”

Tip 5: KNOW YOUR OWN POTENTIAL: “The bottom line is this: everybody has extraordinary potential. They have the ability to accomplish more than they’ve ever dreamed possible.”

To learn more from Brian Tracy, check out his full episode on ABOUT THE AUTHORS TV currently airing on streaming network TUBI TV

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