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Quizplus Launches "Materials": A New Tool to Enhance Students’ Learning Experiences

Uploading Files

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The leading educational platform, Quizplus, has launched a new study tool - "Materials" as part of its My Courses feature.

MIDDLETOWN, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2023/ -- Quizplus, a leading educational platform, has introduced a new tool - Materials as part of its My Courses feature. This tool will enable students to upload and share study materials such as lecture notes, presentations, and other educational resources. It also allows students to view and access course notes uploaded by their peers.

Introducing Materials

As final exams approach, students often face difficulties keeping up with the vast amount of course materials they need to review. To combat this challenge, Quizplus has introduced its "Materials" tool to provide students with a more comprehensive community approach to studying. The tool enables students to upload their own materials, and makes it easier for them to prepare for exams in one central location within My Courses. Resources provided by peers are only relevant to course-specific topics.

"We understand that having access to tailored study materials and a sense of community are both essential for academic success," said Abdulhafeth Salah, Quizplus CEO. He also added, “this new tool will help students prepare for exams in the fastest way possible and expand their range of understanding through various student perspectives."

Benefits for Quizplus Users

The Materials tool is set to become a game-changer for Quizplus users. It provides students with an opportunity to expand their network of connections and share knowledge, which is essential to academic success. The tool also encourages engagement among students, allowing them to contribute to the learning experience of their peers. Quizplus has reintroduced “pairing and sharing” in an innovative and safe way.

Lana Shareef, a Quizplus Product Manager stated recently, "we are excited about the launch of this new tool, which is another step towards our mission: to motivate students through interactive and personalized learning tools, fostering a future generation of experts". She emphasized “ We will continue to provide innovative solutions that help students succeed in their academic journeys."

Final Thoughts

The Materials tool is a valuable addition to the Quizplus suite of educational tools. Students are able to share knowledge and resources, filling knowledge gaps globally. According to the Quizplus CEO “education is a lifelong pursuit, and it's important to recognize that learning is not always linear. Filling knowledge gaps and catching up on missed lectures is an essential part of the process.”

He elaborated “That's why at Quizplus, we're providing tools like Materials that allow students to access the information they need, when they need it, regardless of their circumstances." With the introduction of Materials, Quizplus has once again demonstrated its commitment to making higher education more attainable, and engaging for all students.

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