RaiseFX’s Trading Academy Successfully Grows Its Community To 3,000 Students In Just 40 Days

RaiseFX Global CFD Broker

RaiseFX Global CFD Broker

Leading multi-regulated CFD broker, RaiseFX, is proud to report significant interest in its educational online trading school launched in April 2023.

CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA, May 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- RaiseFX, a leading online trading platform, released its trading academy two weeks ago. Since then, the project has performed admirably, attracting a community of 3,000+ people in 40 days. The brand hopes the venture will endow more people with practical trading skills, including advanced risk management knowledge.

When clients sign up for RaiseFX Academy, they can access 3-5 days of live courses, 35+ videos on diverse topics such as “What is trading?” to “Developing a trading strategy”, five books, One-On-One sessions, and daily market updates and forecasts. The academy also provides weekly mentorship sessions with the community, where members can interact with each other and learn from experienced traders.

RaiseFX CCO Dany Mawas said, “We are thrilled by the success of the Academy in such a short space of time. It ties in with our mission to equip more people with advanced trading skills and develop financial education that lasts a lifetime. We want to empower traders with cutting-edge knowledge to give them an advantage in competitive markets once they finish their course to hopefully help them reaching financial freedom in their lives.”

Those interested in joining RaiseFX Academy can do so via the academy’s website www.raisefxacademy.com. To join, users must sign up digitally. Course options cover the hottest topics in finance, including crypto, forex, and equities. Clients can select courses that run for six months online, twelve months online, or in-person, with access to daily market updates, group mentorship, and VIP channels. Each is run by industry professionals with decades of experience and comes with a limited number of one-on-one sessions.

Head of education at RaiseFX, Ruan Landsberg, says that courses aim to “teach people the ability to think and trade like a bank. When clients adopt this mentality, they can navigate markets with precision and make more informed decisions. Even novice traders can build impressive trading skills and become profitable.”

RaiseFX’s success over the last two weeks is a testament to its unique approach. Unlike many finance courses offering cookie-cutter instructions, trainers ensure clients develop individualised styles that suit their investment strategies.

About RaiseFX

With now over 30,000 active traders and 1,200 partners worldwide, RaiseFX is a multi-regulated CFD broker that has been making waves in the financial industry. The company is currently expanding its presence in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, cementing its position as a truly global player. The company is committed to delivering a first-class customer experience and constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. For more information, visit www.raisefx.com.

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For more information about RaiseFX Academy, please visit https://www.raisefxacademy.com.

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