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KardiaChain’s latest collaboration to advance the development of blockchain technology in Vietnam

Huy Nguyen, CEO of KardiaChain and Duong Minh Thang, Deputy Director of Southern Center-Viettel IDC (right)

KardiaChain and Viettel IDC, the leading provider of data center and cloud computing services in Vietnam, have recently reached a partnership.

This partnership is significant given the timing and meaning, as KardiaChain has just launched Kyokai, a phygital solution unlocking unlimited potential for Vietnamese goods to reach the global market”
— Huy Nguyen, KardiaChain CEO and Co-founder

VIETNAM, May 18, 2023/ -- The partnership between KardiaChain and Viettel IDC marks a significant milestone in KardiaChain's innovative development plan for 2023. As per the agreement, Viettel IDC will become a partner and provide cloud infrastructure to KardiaChain, enhancing the blockchain ecosystem's performance, security, and scalability.

KardiaChain CEO and Co-founder, Huy Nguyen, emphasized, “Vietnam has recognized the immense potential of technology and its impact on society. As a result, the country is undergoing a significant transformation and proactively adapting to the rapid pace of technological progress worldwide. This shared vision and goal of building a digital society is what unites KardiaChain and Viettel IDC."

By leveraging the power of Viettel IDC's Data Center & Cloud services in conjunction with the Kyokai solution, KardiaChain will be able to expand and offer a comprehensive suite of user-friendly, convenient, and highly adaptable tools for both crypto and non-crypto users.

According to KardiaChain Co-founder, Tri Pham, most blockchain applications in the market are complex and cater only to those with prior knowledge of the technology. To address this issue, KardiaChain developed Kyokai, a comprehensive ecosystem that combines multiple independent applications. Kyokai offers a top-to-bottom phygital technology solution, including infrastructure, hardware chips, and software, aimed at bringing digital technology to different aspects of everyday life. This innovative solution is designed to be accessible to all, regardless of their prior experience with blockchain technology.

KardiaChain's partnership with Viettel IDC is a significant step forward in Vietnam's ongoing digital transformation. The collaboration marks the beginning of a long-term and intensive relationship between KardiaChain and key service and technology providers in Vietnam. As the country rapidly embraces digital technology, this partnership will enable KardiaChain to provide innovative blockchain solutions that accelerate Vietnam's digital transformation in a faster and more effective manner, ultimately enhancing the country's digital landscape.

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