Invest Durban: Growth Opportunities Abound

Russell Curtis,

Russell Curtis, CEO of Invest Durban

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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 15, 2023/ -- Africa is the premium springboard into the African continent, offering a platform into one of the world’s last frontiers of double-digit growth opportunities. So says Russell Curtis, CEO of Invest Durban. Here is a man with reason to be passionate about the metropolitan region he is tasked with attracting new investment into, alongside retaining and expanding that which is already there.

Part of Invest Durban’s mandate is to promote the destination internationally. This has seen the CEO recently take his message to North America, an untapped source market for FDI that is now coming to understand all that South Africa has to offer.

Global-wide interest
Previously, perceptions around South Africa, its far-flung nature and the sheer size of the North American domestic market meant investors there had not looked much beyond their own backyard. However, thanks to outreach initiatives like Russell Curtis’ mission, this is changing. Alongside increasing interest form Asian investors and the traditional strong flows from Europe, Durban is buzzing.

In addition, the CEO oversees Invest Durban’s advocacy remit which extends to policy to create the right facilitation and enabling environment to drive investment. Investors should take note that across all indices, audits indicate the organisation is exceeding expectations and targets set by independent actors including the World Bank.

Curtis recognises that global trade is dominated by the multinationals. One of the messages he wants to get out there is that Durban has a very large resident base of them, which translates into an uninterrupted buffet of opportunities for investors to tap into. Whether it’s providing ready access to things the transnational corporations currently import into Durban, or value added to products and services, such as enhanced processing capacity for the metals and mining sector, the possibilities are many and profound.
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