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Exalate and iDalko Announce Continued Growth as Independent Companies

Exalate and iDalko to operate independently

Exalate and iDalko to operate independently

Francis Martens and Hilde Van Brempt, Exalate co-founders

Francis Martens and Hilde Van Brempt, Exalate co-founders

Exalate Launches as an Independent Company, Accelerating Product Innovation and Global Reach with Major Funding Injection

Exalate has proven its value to a growing number of businesses worldwide, and we're confident that this new chapter will enable the company to reach new heights of growth and success.”
— Francis Martens, product owner of Exalate

ANTWERP, BELGIUM, May 9, 2023/ -- Belgium-based Exalate, an integration solution, and iDalko, a Platinum Atlassian Partner, are announcing their next steps as independent companies.

The strategic decision will allow each company to focus on their respective strengths and pursue better growth opportunities.

Exalate, a global leader in integration software, has officially launched as an independent company after years of successful operation under the iDalko brand. With a proven track record of enabling seamless collaboration across companies and teams, Exalate has been instrumental in establishing iDalko's international recognition.
Operating as an independent company marks a significant milestone for Exalate as it establishes its position as a leader in the integration software market. With a vision to build a worldwide network of connected companies, Exalate is set to expand its reach and accelerate product innovation.

Exalate's growth strategy has led to a near doubling of its team, a significant expansion of its partner base, and impressive growth rates with a 2x YoY increase in revenue while serving over 2000 customers worldwide. Building on this strong momentum, Exalate is set to embark on its next phase of innovation with a renewed focus on enhancing its offerings.

To further fuel its ambitious plans, Exalate has received a significant funding injection. This investment will be channeled towards accelerating product development, extending the company's reach and presence in key markets, and expanding its team of professionals worldwide. Moreover, Exalate will invest in improving its offerings for companies that aim to build a larger ecosystem of connected partners, suppliers, and customers.

Exalate's distributed architecture and built-in scripting engine offer unlimited capabilities. The tool's flexibility allows it to adapt to new collaborations, processes, and ways of working, enabling organizations of any size to improve teamwork, collaboration, and productivity across different platforms, teams, and even company borders.

iDalko's co-founders, Hilde Van Brempt and Francis Martens, will remain with Exalate, providing their vast experience and expertise to drive the company forward.

"We're thrilled to continue Exalate's journey as the leading provider of integration software," said Martens. "Our goal is to empower businesses to work smarter and more efficiently, and now we can double down on our efforts to innovate and enhance our offerings. We remain committed to our partners and customers, and we look forward to continuing to provide them with the most powerful integration solution on the market."

"We are proud of iDalko and Exalate's growth over the past 12 years and grateful for the drive and commitment of the team that made it happen. We see this new phase as an opportunity for both companies to fully focus on and maximize their strengths," said Hilde Van Brempt, co-founder.

Exalate has recently undergone a complete revamp of its visual identity to support its growth plans as an independent company. The new branding includes a new logo, color scheme, typography, and overall visual style that align with Exalate's values. The new branding reflects the company's ambitious vision for the future and helps position it as the go-to software integration provider for businesses of all sizes.

Manuel Pattyn is continuing as Managing Director of iDalko, leveraging the company's 10 years of extensive IT expertise and helping companies get the most out of their Atlassian investments. iDalko has partnered with Avisi, another leading Atlassian Platinum and Gold Partner, to double their strength while keeping the same focus.

"iDalko and Avisi are two of the most innovative and forward-thinking Atlassian Platinum and Gold Partners in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, respectively," said Manuel Pattyn, Managing Director of Idalko. "We are joining forces to offer even more cutting-edge solutions and services to our customers."

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