Forms of Senior’s Abuse: How do we know the caretaker

Check, double-check, and triple-check that person’s background information. Do your own due diligence for peace of mind.”
— Ashleigh Alexiou
USA, April 28, 2023/ -- Ashleigh Alexiou, President of Digits & Delta Forensics Agency is announcing the use of higher technical measures to identify individuals committing seniors abuse and utilizing background checks for caretakers, as a way of knowing who is inside your home.

Our agency is receiving a higher number of calls in recent days, in regard to senior’s abuse which is presenting itself in many forms.

In our work, we have been seeing an upward trend of individuals contacting us to conduct Investigations and Background Checks for caretakers, in which family members felt these caretakers are not being trustworthy when left alone with the senior. There have been reports of caretakers stealing safes right from the senior's home while they are taking their afternoon nap. There were other incidents of not feeding the seniors on time when they needed to take their medication, not showering them, and not changing them when needed a fresh set of clothes, when they may be bedridden.

Another time, we have been called to investigate and place security cameras in the home of a senior, where the family member of the vulnerable senior felt something was not right, they wanted to keep an eye on caretakers that are in the home with the senior. We are seeing horrible acts against seniors, where caretakers have been caught on cameras snooping through the senior’s jewelry box, or other personal items and taking them for their own personal benefit. Another incident is a caretaker suddenly moving into the family home with only their suitcases and now calling the seniors home their home.

Seniors abuse can range from the senior giving away high-priced value items, stealing business from seniors who already own the business; where the fraudsters falsifying business transactions to benefit them, due to the senior becoming ill or do not have the mental capacity to make decisions. Other examples may include: stealing the senior’s mail, stealing a driver’s licence, taking CRA documents taking bank documents that have been left around the home. These are all forms of seniors abuse.

Digits & Delta Forensics Agency is acting diligently on combating seniors abuse, which can be prevented by conducting Background Checks or Criminal Background check on any person that the family employs working in the family home. You want to know everything about this person coming into the home. This is the most important aspect that any homeowner can do, it not only protects the safety of the senior, but it also protects the estate and gives peace of mind to all.

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