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Kickstarter Campaign Planned for Stylish Indoor Light Providing Optimal Spectrum for Plant Growth

Energy-efficient Sol-Leaf can be customized for seedlings, growing and blooming and is affordable for all levels of growers

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2023/ -- OmniPV is launching a Kickstarter campaign for its unique Sol-Leaf, a stylish indoor grow light providing the optimal spectrum for plant growth with a sleek design that adds a touch of elegance to rooms.

The Kickstarter campaign for the light, which comes on a custom-made floor lamp, begins April 26.

Sol-Leaf is a grow light with adjustable light intensity for different plant growth stages and eight built-in timer settings. The light intensity spectrum is customized for seedlings, growing and blooming. The light intensity can be adjusted from 25 percent to 100 percent and the timer intervals range from 4-18 hours.

Sol-Leaf’s waterproof design allows growers to water plants freely without worrying about water spillage, vapor or drops damaging the light. This provides added convenience and peace of mind for growers. In addition, Sol-Leaf’s custom-made floor lamp can fit into any home growing situation while also blending into home décor. The lamp's height can be adjusted from 50 inches to 68 inches and the lamp head can move 90 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally.

Sol-Leaf combines artistic elements with engineering design in a product that not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but functions seamlessly, utilizing a remote control to allow customized light settings for a plant’s specific needs.

OmniPV’s path to the Sol-Leaf began when the company started designing high-wattage LED grow lights for professional indoor growers. Through countless hours of research and experimentation, OmniPV gained a wealth of knowledge and experience about indoor plant cultivation with LED lights.

Knowing there was more that it could do to make indoor growing easier, more efficient and more enjoyable for everyone, OmniPV set out to design a product that would provide the perfect spectrum of light for plants to thrive indoors. They crafted Sol-Leaf to be energy-efficient, easy to use and affordable for growers of all levels. OmniPV’s designers collaborated with botanists, horticulturists and other experts to design the Sol-Leaf with one thing in mind: lush plant décor.

Sol-Leaf employs optical lenses to concentrate the light beam specifically onto plants. This focused approach ensures that plants receive the maximum amount of light energy possible while preventing the light from dispersing to other areas of the room, reducing the energy waste and cost associated with unnecessary light spillage.

Sol-Leaf is perfect for those who struggle to keep houseplants alive or live in spaces with limited natural light. With Sol-Leaf, houseplants can be added to rooms where the amount of sunlight previously limited growth. Sol-Leaf fits into any room design and doesn’t require wall or ceiling mounting.

In addition to houseplants, Sol-Leaf can be used to grow herbs, spices, succulents, flowers, bonsais or larger plants that need an extra boost of light to thrive indoors.

“Sol-Leaf is a beautiful and functional piece of indoor design that adds value and life to your space,” said an OmniPV spokesperson. “Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, we believe Sol-Leaf can help you achieve your indoor growing goals and cultivate a deeper connection with the natural world. With your support, we can create a brighter, greener future for us all.”

To contribute to the Kickstarter campaign starting April 26 or to learn more about the Sol-Leaf, visit Pledges begin at $19.


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