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How Can a Fat Person Choose the Suitable Electric Fat Tire Bike


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The purpose of this article is to help people who are fat but want to lose weight through a helpful way find the best adult e-bike for them.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, THE UNITED STATES, April 24, 2023/ -- The U.S. has the highest obesity rate in the world. 2020 data indicates that the adult obesity rate in the U.S. is 40% and the severe obesity rate is 10%. Fortunately, more and more Americans are aware of the dangers of obesity and are beginning to seek ways to lose weight and exercise. The e-bike, which has become very popular in recent years, has naturally become the first choice for many obese people.

According to Dr. Glenn Gaesser, professor of exercise and health at Arizona State University, a body that is constantly in motion is usually a healthy body, whether fat or thin. If people exercise regularly, they do not have to use their weight exclusively to judge their health status. Therefore, obese riders do not have to feel stressed about losing weight.

Of course, for obese riders, there are other challenges besides weight, such as finding the right bike, clothing, and exercise suitable for them. The purpose of this article is to help these people find the best adult e-bike for them.

How to choose an electric fat tire bike for a fat man

Buying a folding electric bike with strong load-bearing capacity

It must be acknowledged that most mainstream electric bikes on the market today are designed for people weighing 220 pounds or less. This really isn't very friendly to obese riders. On the one hand, the life span of an electric fat tire bike may be greatly reduced, and on the other hand, the warranty on some of the bikes may be void.

Therefore, riders who weigh significantly more than 220 pounds can go to a bike store and purchase a custom fat tire e-bike, but of course this will be more expensive. A better and more common option is to buy a folding e-bike with a high weight capacity. For example, the HiPEAK ELIAS has an impressive 350 pound weight capacity, making it suitable for most obese riders. What's more, HiPEAK has its own manufacturing plant, which can better control the quality of each manufacturing process compared to other brands. Therefore, there is no need to worry about HiPEAK ELIAS c can not bear their weight.

Considering electric bikes with high motors

For many obese riders, getting started can be a difficult task. Especially if they live in hilly areas, cycling across steep hills can be a daunting task.

The best solution is to consider buying a HiPEAK ELIAS electric folding bike with a powerful 750W motor, which can make an otherwise scary ride fun. In the US, 750W power is the best power option for adult electric bikes. On the one hand, 750W power can provide more torque to help obese riders start and traverse hills easily, on the other hand, many areas in the US will have special controls on electric fat tire bikes with motor power over 750W.

A few riders may be concerned that high-powered electric bikes won't help them complete their workouts, but in fact, research at Brigham Young University has proven that electric bikes burn almost as many calories as regular bikes do. And HiPEAK ELIAS has a 7-level pedal assist function that allows obese riders to freely adjust their pedal power at any time according to their physical strength, which allows them to ride farther than a regular bike.

Choosing the right design of fat tire electric bike
The U.S. electric bike market is large, and hundreds of designs have emerged to meet the needs of different people. For example, some people may like the feeling of bending their bodies to speed on a road bike, and some may feel more comfortable on an upright bike that allows for a more natural riding position.

For fat riders, the HiPEAK ELIAS with its step-though design is a more suitable choice for them. Compared to traditional Step Over bikes, step-through e-bikes have a lower frame and pedals, which allows less agile fat riders to get on and off easily without having to lift their legs up.

Considering a multi-geared electric bike
Some bikes have three chainrings (usually two) on the front derailleur, and this extra chainring is often referred to as a "granny ring". The benefit is that it makes the ride easier.

Buying more comfortable saddles
Because of their weight, fat riders may need a soft and comfortable bike seat more than other riders. Most e-bike seats are designed to follow the contours of the average rider's hips, which may make fat riders feel less comfortable.
With this in mind, the HiPEAK ELIAS seat is designed to be removable and replaceable. And on HiPEAK's official website, it also offers a comfortable oversized electric bike seat for users to choose from. Its wider design, high elasticity padding and ergonomic design allow every rider to have the comfort of sitting on a sofa.

Many obese cyclists often face discrimination, which is completely wrong. Everyone has the right to ride a folding electric bicycle. Moreover, riding an electric fat tire bike is beneficial for heavier individuals because it can reduce pressure on their joints and bones. More importantly, cycling is a form of enjoyment, and it should not be limited to weight loss. In many cases, exercising is more important than the number on the scale, as obese individuals who exercise regularly may be healthier than skinny individuals who do not exercise. However, the prerequisite is that they must have a folding electric bike that suits them!

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