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The Social Good Magazine Show Inspires Concepts for Peace, Economic Development, Job Creation, & Improved Healthcare

The Social Good Magazine Show, Season 1 Raffles van Exel, Kristal Kent, Mike Howren, Dr. Angelika Wagner, World Women Forum 2023, Paris Travel, Social Good in California with Dr. Lance McCarthy, Marie Lemelle, Soldiers of America, Rose Garcia,  Leslie Ortiz

The Social Good Magazine Show, Season 1 Episode Covers. Raffles van Exel, Kristal Kent, Mike Howren, Dr. Angelika Wagner, Star Conferences, Paris Adventures, Social Good in California

Raffles van Exel, Artists for Global Unity, "Why Oh Why", Community Philanthropist

Raffles van Exel, Artists for Global Unity, "Why Oh Why", Community Philanthropist

Civil Reform Action Guide: Taking High Impact Actions for National Fibromyalgia Advocacy with Kristal Kent

Civil Reform Action Guide: Taking High Impact Actions for National Fibromyalgia Advocacy with Kristal Kent

Dr. Angelika Wagner, Star-Icon  World Women Forum 2023 in Paris, France, Global Neuroscientist

Dr. Angelika Wagner, Star-Icon World Women Forum 2023 in Paris, France, Global Neuroscientist

Group photo of attendees of the World Women Forum 2023 in Paris, France at the Zenitude Spa & Hotel.

World Women Forum 2023 Paris, France hosted by Star-Icon Conferences. Global speaking tour uniting 70+ inspirational game changing thought leaders.

It would be very powerful if more people worldwide focused on self-improvement tasks and armed themselves with empowerment through intellectual means versus violent means.”
— Kristen Thomasino

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2023/ -- Thomasino Media LLC is proud to announce the release of Season 1 of the Social Good Magazine Show. The Social Good Magazine Show was created to share ideas for Economic Development and to improve the supply chain. The Social Good Magazine Show shines with powerful stories designed to illustrate pathways to success and ignite collective action in reducing suffering worldwide. Through passion-filled conversations, industry thought leaders, philanthropists, medical professionals, economists, and business owners could learn directly from each other while enjoying the journey toward victory over adversity. As we collaborate through trade and community initiatives, we will make long-lasting impacts on economic growth, world peace, and opportunity creation.

This series has been created by Kristen Thomasino, a 22x Author, Humanitarian, and Data Scientist with editing by Kristen Booth, a local Hollywood talent that has worked on Dr. Phil's Show. The show introduces you to many of the Social Good Warriors of “The Social Good Magazine” print and digital editions and how they impact our communities with acts of Social Good. For example, get inspired by Raffles van Exel and the Artists for Global Unity as they try to raise the vibe for humanity with their Top 40 Billboard song “Why Oh Why.” This song was crafted with the musical talents of Narada Michael Walden and Emilio Estefan. The phenomenal voices of CeeLo Green, Kenny Lattimore, Fantasia Barrino, and Emily Estefan call you to action for peace globally with this moving song.

Meet disabled Army veteran Kristal Kent of Ohio who advocates for better outcomes in healthcare with process improvement. She shares her insights from her recent medical journey suffering from a heart attack in one episode, and her perspective on improving care in the future. She is a prominent advocate and leader in the Fibromyalgia awareness and action movement. You will learn what #TeamFibro is up to and how to advocate for change through civil reform actions like partnering with governors and mayors to do proclamations. Don’t miss out on this Civil Reform Guidebook episode.

Travel is an essential theme of “The Social Good Magazine Show,” Your show host travels around various spots in Southern California and hot spots of Los Angeles to give you an inside view of the state of the scene.

Show Host, Kristen Thomasino, shared, “After what we experienced in specific communities with periods of isolation and limited community interactions, there is a massive opportunity for new ways to connect. For example, the Los Angeles community has created many safe spaces for all kinds of people. What I find most remarkable about these community event producers and hosts like DJ Leslie Ortiz, Rose Garcia, NiK Kacy, Morgan Hildebrand, Jess Weiner, DJ Femme A, Eden and Jay from Preciosa Nights, Alison Freed of Cherry Bomb, and others is that they have successfully created models of entertainment that touch many different suppliers to make their events memorable and unique. “

Thomasino observed, “They continue to create consistent monthly revenue in neighborhoods. Many people from various neighborhoods across Los Angeles and even other cities that are in other counties of California, like Orange County and San Diego, buy tickets months and weeks in advance to get a spot at these ticketed events in real estate spaces for large crowds from 300 to 1500 or more. This is good news for our friends in real estate. Suppose we continue to stimulate the Global tourism economy and encourage new reasons for people to adventure in California. In that case, these types of community stewards can bring the next waves of stability and prosperity for the state.”

Community event host Rose Garcia of “The Real L Word” series, and 20+ year local residential real estate genius shares her views in the digital and print magazine on how she helps her clients find the right real estate for their needs and vibe.

Thomasino noted, “Rose Garcia is a force for the world and a fantastic mentor to many. Her energy, positivity, and heart to help others are remarkable. But she is human, like all of us, and always loves others. Truly remarkable to see this local Los Angeles leader in action in the community over the last 18 months for the coverage of this new news show focused on telling positive stories of leadership for others to model. Rose Garcia is someone to model and learn from. There will be many residential housing opportunities in Los Angeles, and Rose’s team at Garcia Real Estate Group is ready to help you find your home.”

I started spending time in the veteran community because of my father’s and grandfather’s service in the Army. I listened to some feedback on what some local veterans thought would yield more positive outcomes in the operation at the VA Hospital in Los Angeles. I learned that Los Angeles had the largest population of unhoused in the United States, and many of that population are veterans. I met other advocates that would come to the facility to bring supportive items and community fellowship that are covered in “The Social Good Magazine Volume 2” like the “Oath to Country Foundation,” and other veterans that like to show up for others like Ezequiel De Anda, Norman Lawler, Brian Alvarado and his wife Rocio Alvarado, Magda Mayo, Robert Reynolds, and others. I got inspired by their missions.

Thomasino shared, “This was an exciting episode because I intended to stand in the face of negativity many continue to see daily. Here are some examples of people doing the right things. I think our teens and youth need to see in the media more stories about people helping others and creating solutions that help our communities stabilize for peace.

I started to look for contacts through the LA LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce that may have projects or similar engagements. It was great to spend time on this social good tour with global economist Dr. E. Lance McCarthy, working with a team called “The Soldiers of America” and acting as an economic advisor to The George Floyd Foundation. I was introduced to him by global publicist Marie Y. Lemelle, founder of Platinum Star Media Group, a contact I acquired through the Chamber of Commerce, who was recently honored by the Cultural Inclusion Foundation along with 40 other phenomenal women, like the Mayor of Los Angeles, Karen Bass, for making an impact. Marie’s impact on the community for social activism is incredible, and she does help others ‘transform goals into greatness.’” The Cultural Inclusion Foundation event is a perfect example of Social Good news happening in Los Angeles and is highlighted in an episode of the show.

“The Social Good Magazine Show” filmed recently in Paris, France, for the World Women Forum 2023 hosted by Star-Icon Conferences, Inc. This event brought together thought leaders worldwide to discuss and share ideas for creating peace and prosperity. Attendees from many countries, including the US, India, England, France, Serbia, Africa, Mexico, Japan, Turks & Caicos, Australia, and others, joined this international Women’s Day event to discuss current events and their implications for global peace.

The show features host Kristen Thomasino’s coverage of various speakers who attended this historic event for human rights, including neuroscientist Dr. Angelika Wagner, Dr. Sheila Trapp, French Data Scientist Helen Zeitoun, French Human Rights activist Marie Boucaud, Sheba Wilson a Human Resources veteran from Turks and Caicos, Nim Stant TV show Host and Best Selling Author, Account Management Thought Leader Rachelle Ferrara, trauma program models with Sandy Goldstone and Ruby Martin, Podcast Show Hosts Lisa Gillette and Erica Gifford Mills, and motivational speakers like Ongel Henry, Vaida Stone Pastor Carol Walker, Jackie Lacroix, to highlight a few.

A special episode features neuroscientist Dr. Angelika Wagner’s talk. Dr. Wagner has dedicated her life to exploring how the brain works during and after trauma, PTSD, addiction, and serious illness to understand ourselves and others better.

Kristen Thomasino’s talk about “Why Social Good Technology and Fintech can generate positive outcomes and reduce suffering Worldwide” will be available for Patrons of “The Social Good Magazine Show.” Become a show supporter. Listen to Global Humanitarian and Data Scientist Kristen Thomasino share her view on the new economy, hot sectors to watch, areas for investment, especially with new real estate models for affordable housing, and insights from her health rehabilitation from severe injury and chronic illness.

Thomasino shared, “Sharing this special presentation at the World Women Forum 2023 in Paris, France, was pivotal for the Social Good Movement to challenge others to think differently about the opportunities in the new economy. It starts first with self-love investments. We are a product of our inputs, and environments matter. It would be very powerful if more people worldwide focused on self-improvement tasks and armed themselves with empowerment through intellectual means versus violent means.

I believe removing barriers to create safe Global Tourism is essential as we move into the next millennia. What could we do to make it more affordable to travel? How can we improve the supply chain to make it easy to deliver goods and services to various demographics? Those demographics are the new markets entrepreneurs and existing business owners need to steward the global economy into peace and prosperity worldwide. “

Another memorable episode of “The Social Good Magazine Show”, covering Kristen’s journey through Paris, France highlights the importance of travel. You get to come along for the sights, sounds, and tastes and meet some of Kristen’s new buddies, like Florence Ollivier, a French writer who hosts writing seminars and supports the Arts. Florence shows Kristen some of her favorite real estate spots to go looking for symbols and they experience Paris from a historical treasure hunt perspective.

Thomasino, a data scientist, loves to find new revenue opportunities and she returns from Europe with new energy to promote more methods for increasing tourism. She discovers, Mike Howren, CEO of Lure Creative Design, Inc., an example of social good in our communities with his special projects for revenue generation with chambers of commerce and visitors bureaus in the United States. His 18+ year story of success helping generate net new revenue and provide tool kits to engage members and bring on new ones is a model that can help America rise from the economic challenges we’ve experienced.

Howren’s team is featured in “The Social Good Magazine Volume 2” and an episode on “The Social Good Magazine Show,” called “Economic Development Initiatives to Unify Communities through Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Bureau Optimization.” On the show you can learn about three different customers he helps in various ways including a great story about how the City of Houston is winning big and our friends in snowy slopes of Breckenridge by partnering with the team on this unique initiative for community engagement. Find out how this can get the economy moving and why your chamber of commerce or visitors bureau should get a free analysis of the potential opportunity for your community.

Spread your wings and take off with the debut of the new Social Good Magazine Show. This new show has been created to be a beacon of hope for global communities, shining light on inspiring stories that help create pathways to success. It encourages action-oriented steps toward progress to better equip individuals, families, and whole communities with the tools to reduce suffering and find victory over adversity. Featuring industry thought leaders, personal experiences, and expertise - this show looks not just to inform and guide viewers but also serve as an example of how we can all move forward together in love. If you want to be featured or advertise in an upcoming publication or episode, please go to

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Additional Information About Social Good Events Referenced

About the World Women Forum:

The entire roster at the event included scheduled speakers: Kristen Thomasino, Dr. Angelika Wagner, Carolyn Brooks-Collins, Ruby Martin, M. Ed, Sandy Goldstone, Sheba Wilson, Dr. Sheila R. Trapp, Dr. Kalpana Sundar, Jyoti Sharma, Dr. Donna M Lindsay, Dana Bagnall, Erica Gifford Mills, Nim Stant, Lisa Gillette, Tara Beasley Stansberry, Carrie Moore, Helen Zeitoun, Tiffany Lovell-Stonehocker, Melanie D. Smith, Naoko Ohri, Pastor Carol A. Walker, Jackie Lacroix, Dr. Milos Pocekovac, Andrea Isaacs, Vicki Ann Noethling, Dr. Marion Gibbon, Samia Qamar, Vaida Stone, Michaela Gaffen Stone, MS BCSA, Amanda Williams, Marie Boucaud, Prophetess Ongel Henry MS, Rachelle Ferrara, Sibonginkosi Abigail Moyo, Claudia Taboada, Ewa J. Kleczyk, PhD, Jennifer Branison, Karin Mcleod PhD, Natasa Billeci, Phillippa Bourke, Robert Caldwell, Brenna Wallace, Nicole Magnus, Winnie Kamuya, Amina Mothupi, Dr. Berlinda A. Hart Love, Elizabeth Conway, Rita Wise, Francoise Mbabazi, Dr. Brandi K Boan, PsyD, ASPPB, MSCP, Marika Wessels, Genevieve Manderville, Shelly Semchison, Patricia Gakii Mutimbi, , Carmen Carvajal, Leslie Latimore-Lorfils, Ana Baez, Ms. Divya Mehta, Samantha Higgins.

About the Cultural Inclusion Foundation:

The Cultural Inclusion Foundation honored the Top 40 Women, including Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass and Holly J. Mitchell LA COUNTY BOARD SUP. 2nd DISTRICT, Hilda Solis LA COUNTY BOARD SUP. 1ST DISTRICT, Lindsey Horvath LA COUNTY BOARD SUP. 3RD DISTRICT, Janice Hahn LA COUNTY BOARD SUP. 4TH DISTRICT, Kathryn Barger LA COUNTY BOARD SUP. 5TH DISTRICT, HYDEE FELDSTEIN SOTO 1ST WOMAN ELECTED as LA CITY ATTORNEY, Eunisses Hernandez LA CITY COUNCIL - DISTRICT 1, NITHYA RAMAN LA CITY COUNCIL - DISTRICT 4, Katy Young-Yaroslavsky LA CITY COUNCIL - DISTRICT 5, MONICA RODRIGUEZ LA CITY COUNCIL - DISTRICT 7, HEATHER HUTT LA CITY COUNCIL - DISTRICT 10, Traci Park LA CITY COUNCIL - DISTRICT 11, Mame Toucouleur Mbaye CONSUL GENERAL - PEACE AMBASSADOR SENEGAL, Daphna E. Ziman CEO & FOUNDER-JUSTICE for WOMEN - AUTHOR - CINEMA' FOUNDER, Simone S Branigan Sr. VP, PRIVATE CLIENT ADVISOR - BANK OF AMERICA, Ericka Kelly CHIEF MASTER SERGEANT - COMMAND CHIEF, Phillipa Johnson COMMUNITY OUTREACH FOR FATHERS AND FAMILIES COALITION OF AMERICA, Marie Lemelle MBA Social Change Activist- Playwright - Global Media Director, Liliana T. Pérez LA CHARGERS - DIRECTOR of CULTURAL AFFAIRS, Demetria L. Graves FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY, Jeanette Bolden OLYMPIAN/BUSINESS OWNER (3RD GENERATION), Vanessa Torres VP CHASE BANK, Gihan Thomas IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY, Jackie Joyner-Kersee OLYMPIAN - GREATEST FEMALE ATHLETE OF 20th CENTURY, Shaghayegh Cyrous ARTIST - ACTIVIST - PHILANTHROPIST, Mira Victor GLOBAL FILMMAKER - VIDEOGRAPHER, Christina Pascucci AWARD WINNING BROADCASTER HUMANITARIAN & PILOT, Beverly Todd ACTOR - PHILANTHROPIST & ACTIVIST, Del Richardson CEO at Del Richardson, Permella Harris DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR - AAU USA CHEER COACH & MENTOR, Angela N. Adamsus ARMY COMMANDER - ASST. DIRECTOR HACLA, Sharifah Hardie, President of the Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce for the Long Beach Area, Gale Fulton Ross ARTIST - ACTIVIST- PHILANTHROPIST, Sneh Misra Chairwoman of Friends of South Asian American Communities, Susan Burton Founder of A New Way to Life – Activist – Author - Transformative Leader, and Sydney Kamlager – Dove CONGRESSWOMAN - 37TH district.

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