Highlights the Critical Role of Press Syndication and Podcasting in Successful Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns

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Born2Invest - Crowdfunding News highlights the importance of press syndication, podcasting and crowdfunding marketing to create investor awareness and achieve success.

Press syndication and podcasts represent powerful tools that help issuers reach a wider audience and create investor awareness for their offering at large, both domestically and internationally.”
— Dom Einhorn
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2023/ -- CFwire, the crowdfunding newswire has created an innovative platform that leverages the power of the press and podcasts for the benefit of crowdfunding issuers. As a part of its marketing arsenal, the company, which founded Born2Invest back in 1999, puts a hard emphasis on syndicated press distribution and targeted podcast marketing when it comes to creating investor awareness, and the need for crowdfunding issuers to invest in crowdfunding marketing to increase their chances of running a successful campaign.

Crowdfunding has emerged as an alternative way for startups and small businesses to raise funds, bypassing traditional funding sources like banks and venture capitalists. Equity crowdfunding, in particular, has gained popularity in recent years as a way for companies to raise capital by offering shares to investors. However, raising funds through equity crowdfunding requires a significant amount of effort and investment in marketing and investor outreach in order to succeed.

“Creating investor awareness is one of the most critical aspects of running a successful crowdfunding campaign,” said Dom Einhorn, founder at CFwire and Born2Invest. “Press syndication and podcasts represent two very powerful tools that can help crowdfunding issuers reach a wider audience and create investor awareness for their offering at large, both domestically and internationally.”

Press syndication is an effective way to communicate with the media and the public about the company's fundraising goals, milestones, and progress. Done right, critical information about a company's current offering can be distributed through various channels, such as news wires, social media, authoritative blogs and web sites, etc. Press syndication can help to generate media coverage, attract potential investors, and create buzz around the company's offering.

In addition to press syndication, podcasts have emerged as a popular tool for creating investor awareness. Podcasts offer a unique opportunity for companies to engage with potential investors by providing insights into the company's story, products or services, and fundraising goals. They can also feature interviews with key stakeholders, industry experts, and thought leaders, providing a broader perspective on the company and its offerings.

“Podcasts are a powerful way to tell our story and connect with potential investors,” said Lucas Caneda, head of podcast marketing at CFwire. “They offer a platform for founders to share their vision, progress, and plans for their future. Moreover, unlike social media, podcast listeners are deeply engaged in the medium, with 80% of listeners sticking around to the very end of the show, even if the show last 45 minutes to one hour. Now that's engagement.”

While press syndication and podcast marketing are essential tools for creating investor awareness, they are only effective when combined with a comprehensive crowdfunding marketing strategy. Crowdfunding issuers need to invest in marketing to increase their visibility and reach a wider audience. This includes creating a compelling campaign page, building a social media presence, and leveraging other tools like email marketing and paid media to reach potential investors. Simply put, issuers need to be prepared to invest in marketing to reach their fundraising goals.”

Crowdfunding issuers also need to be strategic about their fundraising goals and the timing of their campaign. The issuers should have a clear understanding of its funding needs and how the funds will be used to achieve its goals. They should also consider the timing of the campaign, taking into account market conditions and the company's progress towards its goals.

In conclusion, the world of crowdfunding is becoming increasingly competitive, and only the most well-prepared and strategic companies will achieve success. By harnessing the power of press syndication and podcasts to build investor awareness and investing in a comprehensive crowdfunding marketing strategy, your company is positioning itself for success. The issuer's dedication to these critical elements demonstrates its commitment to achieving its fundraising goals and setting itself apart in the crowded crowdfunding landscape. Don't let your company fall behind – contact CFwire today and get ready to achieve your own fundraising success.

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