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Lytics Releases Generative AI-Powered Capabilities Native to CDP: Lytics Audience Generator and Lytics Schema Copilot

Lytics Audience Generator; AI-powered SQL helps marketers build more targeted audiences, uplifting campaign performance and ROI

Lytics, the first CDP with natively integrated Generative AI, streamlines data operations & speeds up access to first-party data to inform marketing campaigns

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, April 20, 2023/ -- Lytics, a next-generation customer data platform (CDP), today announces a CDP industry first: the launch of fully integrated Generative AI-powered capabilities–Lytics Audience Generator and Lytics Schema Copilot. Both enable brands to streamline their data operations by making it faster to tap first-party data to inform their marketing campaigns.

“Regardless of whether your job is to manage data, or to use data, you have undoubtedly thought about how to utilize Gen-AI capabilities. We are thrilled to bring these cutting-edge technologies to our customers and expect this to be the first of many steps in that direction,” said Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, President, Lytics. "Gen-AI natively integrated into Lytics will shorten the timeline between collecting first-party data and using that data. Period.”

Lytics Audience Generator AI is a powerful capability that helps organizations create sophisticated audiences using a simple written prompt. By leveraging the innovations from OpenAI and Google, Audience Generator AI lets marketers generate audiences by typing in a prompt such as: “develop an audience of those who have purchased $50 or more in beauty products in the past month.” The company could then incorporate the audience in their marketing campaign.

Lytics Schema Copilot is an innovative capability that helps organizations connect their data sources and quickly create rich and meaningful profiles. Using Generative AI, Schema Copilot automatically maps data from different sources to a common schema, making it easy for organizations to create unified views of their customers and prospects. By simply connecting their data sources to Lytics, businesses can effortlessly make their data available on profiles for activation.

For example, a financial services company could use Schema Copilot to connect data from its customer relationship management (CRM) system, marketing automation platform, and point-of-sale system. The company could then create a unified view of its customers that includes information about their past purchases, their interests, and their financial goals.

Audience Generator AI and Schema Copilot are both available now to all Lytics customers. To learn more about these tools in this blog.

About Lytics
Lytics is the premier customer data platform for Google Cloud customers and the only 100% Google Cloud-native CDP.

Lytics CDP offers a composable and modern architecture that fits with and accelerates your cloud data strategy. Built around a BigQuery cloud data warehouse, Lytics helps companies build a unified first-party data foundation, resolving identities to construct and maintain comprehensive profiles that are compliant, extensible and accessible. Lytics connects to a robust ecosystem for third-party enrichment and activation using reverse ETL, generative AI, and the most comprehensive set of real-time connections into DSPs and action systems in the industry.

Lytics unique approach enables brands to work without silos from a reliable source of truth, reimagining how they leverage their own customer data to increase customer engagement and boost ROI, empowering business users with the insights and tools they need to drive action while enabling compliance with global consumer data residency and privacy regulations.

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