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Victims of Police-Involved Bakersfield Auto Accident Represented by Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez founder and president of Rodriguez & Associates

Daniel Rodriguez, founder and president of the Bakersfield, California personal injury law firm Rodriguez & Associates.

Daniel Rodriguez, president and founder of Bakersfield personal injury law firm Rodriguez & Associates, is pursuing justice for Mario Lares and Ana Hernandez.

We trust the police to properly use their power and authority to protect the public. When police misconduct causes death, the responsible parties and organizations must be held responsible.”
— Daniel Rodriguez, Founder and President, Rodriguez & Associates
BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2023/ -- Daniel Rodriguez, president and founder of Rodriguez & Associates, is representing the family of Mr. Mario Lares, who was killed after his car was struck by a Bakersfield Police Department patrol vehicle on his commute home from work. Mr. Rodriguez is also representing Mr. Lares’ passenger, Ana Hernandez, who suffered severe injuries as a result of the crash. The renowned Bakersfield personal injury attorney is conducting an independent investigation of the incident to determine liability and seek justice for Mario and Ana (case #BCV-23-101127).

According to reports made by the Bakersfield Police Department, the crash occurred as officers were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle in the early hours of January 19, 2023. Lares was traveling West into the intersection of South Vineland and Muller roads in Bakersfield, while the patrol vehicle was traveling South. Most of the roadways in that area are poorly lit and only stop signs are used to control traffic flow. The California Highway Patrol noted a stop sign for vehicles traveling North and South.

In an interview with KGET Channel 17 local news (below) Rodriguez asked the City of Bakersfield to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. He says the actions of the officers must be addressed. “Just because someone is wearing a badge does not excuse them from the same standards that apply to all of us,” Rodriguez stated.

The lawsuit filed by Rodriguez on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, alleges that Bakersfield Police Officer Richard Robles was speeding southbound in a car chase on a parallel road when he struck Mr. Lares’ vehicle. Attorneys plan to continue to investigate if the officers failed to stop at the stop sign or failed to follow Code 3 policy - the appropriate use of lights and sirens to clear an intersection before proceeding. “If all of those things turn out to be correct or some of them turn out to be correct, that means that the officer violated laws and he is not above the law,” Rodriguez said.

“We trust the Police to properly use their power and authority to protect the public. When police misconduct causes death, the responsible parties and organizations must be held responsible.”
-Daniel Rodriguez, Founder and President, Rodriguez & Associates

Previous claims filed in February were necessary for Rodriguez to move forward with this lawsuit against a government entity as municipalities are granted a 45-day period to respond to claims before a lawsuit can be filed. “They (city government) are the employer of the person who was driving the police car, Officer Ricardo Robles,” Daniel Rodriguez explains. “The employer is responsible for the acts of its employees if it occurs during the scope of work, which is what happened here.”

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