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Binti Announces Launch of Family Finding and Engagement Module and White Paper

Binti's Family Finding White Paper compiles family finding challenges, best practices, and how technology can drive even greater impact

UNITED STATES, April 18, 2023/ -- Over 390,000 children are currently in foster care in the United States¹. There is an increasing focus on placing more children with kinship caregivers, which include relatives and friends of the family. Children in foster care placed with kinship caregivers have better outcomes, including increased placement stability, better mental and behavioral outcomes, and placement permanency². The federal government has shifted its efforts and funding to prioritize kinship care, which has pushed agencies to prioritize family finding. However, family finding is a labor-intensive process that requires dedicated time and skills in investigative search, outreach, and documentation. Most agencies are completing family finding work very manually, which is time consuming for social workers. The nationwide average for kinship placements is 35%³, but based on Binti's direct interviews with child welfare agencies, some promising pilots have placed 70% or more of children with kin.

Binti is excited to announce the launch of their fourth module, Family Finding, with the goal of empowering agencies in improving kinship placement rates and driving better outcomes for children in care. Binti is the most widespread software provider for child welfare in the country, working with over 400 agencies in 34 states, including 10 states state-wide, serving over 38% of child welfare in the country, with at least one of their existing modules: Licensing, Placements and Case Management.

This module will allow caseworkers to search for potential kin, send bulk outreach to them, track their engagement efforts, generate a family tree for the child, automate reporting and more.

“We believe technology can be a powerful force in helping agencies place more children with kinship caregivers as well as help children have more permanent connections in their lives” says Felicia Curcuru, Binti’s Co-Founder and CEO. “I’m extremely passionate about family finding and very optimistic about the impact we’ll have together with agencies.”

Binti has also just released a Family Finding and Engagement White Paper, which compiles family finding challenges, best practices, and how technology can drive even greater impact. The white paper is informed through the direct shadowing and interviewing of over 40 agencies across 10 states, thought leaders, and those with lived experience in the Child Welfare system.

Access Binti’s Family Finding and Engagement White Paper here

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