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A Piece of Home - New Zealand Shop, Bringing Kiwi Culture to Australia

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, April 18, 2023/ -- Anna McCoy, a proud Kiwi and Fijian, has been successfully running A Piece of Home - New Zealand Shop, a brick-and-mortar store in Perth, Western Australia, for over twenty years. With a Māori mother from both Ngati Porou and Ngati Rangi and a Fijian father, Anna has always been passionate about sharing her heritage and culture with others.

After a successful career managing bands and working in marketing and advertising, Anna started her own business, determined to build something that would be both challenging and rewarding. Her business, A Piece of Home - New Zealand Shop, sells and promotes Kiwi culture and products, and has become iconic to the local Māori community in Perth. Anna shares her favorite part of her business: "My favorite thing is the pop-up stores we do at Māori Festivals, Waitangi Day, and Kiwis in the park. Meeting customers and connecting them with their taonga (treasured possession) is a priceless experience," shares Anna.

Anna's motivation to start her business came after years of exchanging her time, effort, and energy growing corporate businesses, which left her feeling drained. She thought there had to be a better way to make money, nurture her family, and enjoy everything she did. Anna realized the answer was to build her own business, and that is precisely what she did.

The Ka Hao Program has been instrumental in Anna's entrepreneurial journey. She has gained new tools, a wider network, and a support team, which has been invaluable as she previously had no one to bounce her ideas off. "I love the camaraderie and watching others succeed; it's what life's all about," adds Anna.

Anna's experience in the Ka Hao program provided her with invaluable resources to overcome her biggest challenge - control issues. Having worked independently for the past decade, Anna found it difficult to trust a process that she hadn't first tried and tested. However, the Ka Hao program equipped her with the necessary tools and guidance to take calculated risks, embrace new ideas, and let go of her need for complete control. Through this program, Anna gained the confidence to navigate through the challenges of entrepreneurship and transform her journey into a rewarding experience.

In five years' time, Anna sees A Piece of Home - New Zealand Shop fully online and expanding into other areas using the networks and relationships she has cultivated in the Ka Hao Program. She plans to broaden the provision of products and services into a larger company with the end goal of perpetuating the vision of equipping others to build and grow their businesses and gain financial freedom.

Anna has already implemented some of the teachings from the Ka Hao Program, but her greatest realization was with the autoresponders. She has customized them to fit her business needs and is thrilled about their potential to be even more effective.

As for forthcoming product launches or events, Anna is currently in the planning phase, and we encourage everyone to keep an eye out for future announcements on her Facebook page. She assures us that she will send invites to those who express interest.

In conclusion, Anna McCoy's journey in the Ka Hao Program has been a testament to the power of knowledge, networks, and funding in growing businesses. Her business, A Piece of Home - New Zealand Shop, has thrived over the years and continues to provide priceless experiences for its customers. With the knowledge and tools gained from the Ka Hao Program, Anna's vision for her business is bright and full of promise. If you're interested in learning more about the knowledge and tools that Anna gained through the Ka Hao Program, be sure to visit the Ka Hao Program online. There, you'll find more information about the program as well as insights from successful entrepreneurs like Anna. By exploring the Ka Hao Program's resources, you too can gain the skills and knowledge necessary to grow your business and achieve success.

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