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Say Good Bye to Shared Bikes: Enjoy the Benefits of Owning an Electric Fat Tire Bike



The question of whether to rent a electric bike or own one will be discussed, as well as the circumstances in which riders need an electric bike of their own.

LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA, THE UNITED STATES, April 18, 2023/ -- Have riders ever looked at someone whizzing by on an adult e-bike, touring town at 20 miles per hour, and felt envious? If people have ridden an e-bike, they know the feeling of going faster, farther, and with less effort. If haven’t, it’s time to experience the joy. But first, riders need to have an electric fat tire bike.

In today's US bicycle market, on the one hand, there are many excellent professional electric bike brands available for purchase, such as HiPEAK. On the other hand, numerous shared bike companies have also introduced adult electric bike rental options. This has left many people confused about whether to own or rent an e-bike. In this article, we will discuss these issues and determine when people need to have their own electric bike.

Advantages of owning a e-bike

Ensuring riding experience and safety
When people are ready to use the shared bike, they can’t imagine what the rider before them did to the bike - he may have spilled liquid on the seat or damaged an imperceptible key component. This not only might dirty individual clothes, but also could even pose a threat to their riding safety.
If people own a fat-tire electric bike, they can know exactly what it has been through. They can also keep it in good condition through regular maintenance to ensure their riding experience and safety.

No more worrying about geographical limitations
Most shared bike companies require users to ride within a specific and limited geographic range, and these companies often monitor riders riding status through location-based Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. In addition, the electric bike batteries provided by shared bike companies typically have low power, so people can't ride for a long time or even make it to their destination before the battery runs out. This means that people cannot freely enjoy the pleasure of riding.
If someone have a HiPEAK BONA folding electric bike, he don't have this kind of riding pressure at all. Thanks to its 48V 15ah high-capacity lithium battery, which provides up to 60 miles of range, people can ride the BONA to wherever they want.

Customizing an e-bike
Buying an electric bike allows people to customize their riding style. During the purchasing process, individuals can compare different options and find the fat-tire electric bike that best suits their lifestyle.
After owning a bike, people can also decorate it. On the HiPEAK website, people can find a variety of folding electric bike accessories that they don't want to miss out on during the decoration process.
Here are some accessories provided by HiPEAK that can take folding bike to the next level:
Bike basket: Carry things that are inconvenient to carry on while riding, or even put small pet in it.
Bike ring: Alert people around rider to ensure riding safety.
Multi-functional phone holder: Securely hold rider's phone in place to prevent it from falling and breaking.
Water bottle holder: Allow riders to quickly and easily use their water bottle when needed, keeping their hydrated during their entire ride.

Always by our side
One major issue with shared bikes is that people cannot always guarantee that a bike will be available when they need it the most. Just imagine, if one morning individuals are running late for work, would they be willing to bet that there will be an available electric bike for rent nearby? If people want to have the security of mind while cycling, then they can only choose to own a fat tire e-bike.

Saving money
Some people use shared bikes to save money, but in the long run, buying a fat tire electric bike can actually save rider's money. Especially considering that a HiPEAK BONA with a 750w motor and 7-level pedal assist function is priced at only $1299, and now there is a discount of $180 for one bike and $400 for two bikes on the official website. This can quickly recoup the cost for those who like to ride folding electric bikes frequently. Adult electric bikes usually have a longer lifespan, and the longer the time, the more expenses can be saved.

Other special situations that require the purchase of an electric fat tire bike
Electric bike often bring incredible benefits to people, which is why their demand has skyrocketed. It is recommended that people buy their own folding electric bike is they face the following situations.
Experienced pain: If riders have been injured to the point where they cannot ride as usual, then they will definitely appreciate the 7-level pedal assist of the HiPEAK folding electric bike, which can help people ride easily through different assist levels.
No License: If people cannot obtain a driver's license in the foreseeable future, then purchasing an electric folding bike that does not require a license to ride is a best option.
Save Fuel Expenses: If someone's car is constantly consuming fuel endlessly, a fat tire electric bike can reduce they monthly fuel expenses.
Move Towards a Green Lifestyle: If riders love environmental protection, switching to an electric bike may be the solution that fits them, as it does not emit any harmful gases during operation.
Electric bikes are very suitable for individuals lifestyle: If people enjoy commuting by bike every day, owning an electric bike is more meaningful than renting one. The foldable design of the HiPEAK BONA also won't take up too much storage space.

Clearly, there are many benefits to owning a own electric bike instead of using a shared one. It can save someone from paying high rental fees or dealing with unreasonable leasing terms, while allowing people to customize it to their liking. If someone are considering owning an electric fat tire bike, be sure to check out the HiPEAK website where he can purchase the most cost-effective folding electric bike on the US market.

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