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CodaPet expands compassionate in-home pet euthanasia services to Anaheim, CA and surrounding cities

CodaPet A Peaceful Passing At Home

Dr Daniela Lutri

The CA-based startup empowers a network of veterinarians who provide peaceful in-home euthanasia to ease the passing of pets at home, surrounded by loved ones.

A couple of years ago, I had to make the difficult decision of putting my own beloved pet to sleep because she was suffering after being hit by a car.”
— Dr Daniela Lutri
ANAHEIM, CA, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2023/ -- CodaPet announced that it is expanding its reach into Anaheim, CA. The company provides peaceful in-home pet euthanasia through a network of compassionate and licensed veterinarians who offer end-of-life care for dogs, cats, and other animals at home. In-home pet euthanasia is the best experience for pets and their families because their home is where they feel most familiar and comfortable.

Drs.Gary and Bethany Hsia and Dr. Karen Whala are co-founders of CodaPet; they share a passion to increase both customer awareness and customer access to in-home pet euthanasia by empowering a network of licensed veterinarians who provide compassion and professional care to pets and their families at home, a more familiar and comfortable environment.

“Every family in the Anaheim area should have the opportunity to provide a peaceful passing at home to their beloved dog or cat.,” says Dr. Gary Hsia. “Giving your pet a pain-free transition in the familiarity of your home surrounded by loved ones is indeed a final gift of love. As an active in-home euthanasia veterinarian myself, I experience our customers' gratitude on a daily basis when they are able to give their pet this final gift of love.”

Dr Daniela Lutri, a licensed veterinarian who will be serving Anaheim and surrounding cities, says, “A couple of years ago, I had to make the difficult decision of putting my own beloved pet to sleep because she was suffering after being hit by a car. At that moment, I fully understood the sorrow and pain pet parents go through when making the same decision for their own pets. I was now on the other side, and I can fully understand that it is not an easy place to be. They say you can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. This heartbreaking experience and the compassion I feel while practicing vet medicine compelled me to start helping families in the comfort of their own homes. In contrast to working at busy hospitals and vet clinics where I rush through appointments, this type of work allows me to share a solemn moment with pet parents before they say their last goodbyes. Rest assured that I will be there to support you every step of the way. As a general practitioner, I noticed that the quality of time that pet parents and their sick pets were having at the hospital setting was not good enough. I felt that they needed more privacy and more bonding time at the time of saying good-bye.”

CodaPet services Anaheim, CA and surrounding neighborhoods including Long Beach, Riverside, Santa Ana, Irvine, Corona, Huntington Beach, Rancho Cucamonga, and Pasadena

How In-Home Euthanasia (IHE) Works

Through CodaPet's website, pet owners can easily choose and book a compassionate and licensed vet for end of life at-home appointment.
1). Prior to the appointment, the veterinarian contacts the family to address any questions or concerns they might have.
2). The vet assists the family by going over the diagnosis and applying a quality-of-life assessment to objectively assess the pet's health and ensure there is no uncertainty about the need for euthanasia.
3). The average at-home visit takes between 45-60 minutes and pet parents are encouraged to remain with their pet and comfort them during the entire visit and process. The vet will explain the process and will proceed at a pace that is peaceful and comforting to you and your pet.
4). After their pet has passed, your IHE veterinarian will explain and offer aftercare, including transportation and cremation services.

In-home Euthanasia Costs

The cost of in-home euthanasia starts at $425 in Anaheim. Cremation costs, which includes transport of your pet to the crematorium, starts at $145. The final pricing depends on factors such as the location, the pet's size, the need for extended travel, and the option for private or communal cremation. The company also offers out-of-hours appointments.

About CodaPet

CodaPet currently supports a network of veterinarians that offer peaceful at-home pet euthanasia services in the cities of Fresno, Oklahoma City, Nashville, Ocala, Kansas City, and Seattle. Our network of compassionate and licensed veterinarians are available to help your beloved pet pass peacefully surrounded by family and all the safety and comforts of home For more information or to schedule an appointment visit or call 1-833-CodaPet. If you are a veterinarian interested in learning more, visit

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