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Artist Ekaterina Sky Activating Earth's Life Force

Artist Ekaterina Sky

Artist Ekaterina Sky Painting

Ekaterina Sky

Artist Ekaterina Sky Activating Earth's Life Force, more than an art collection, it is a movement with the capacity to touch millions of people.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 19, 2023/ -- LIFE FORCE, an art project to change the world.

Ekaterina Sky, a renowned artist and explorer, is currently immersed in painting and exploring the lush landscapes of West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Her mission goes beyond creating art; it is to ignite awareness for the preciousness of life on our planet, encompassing the animals, oceans, rain forests, and forests that urgently need protection to safeguard our world and climate.

As a passionate advocate for biodiversity, Ekaterina's voice resounds through her consistent efforts both online and offline. Her paintbrush becomes an act of silent activism, a bold and unique display of action that captivates audiences worldwide. Her previous works, such as the Animalize collections, portray animals with a piercing gaze, offering an intimate glimpse into their souls. Through solo exhibitions and a global mural tour, Ekaterina has successfully raised awareness and funds for wildlife conservation.

Her latest project, the Life Force collection, epitomizes the spirit and imagery of the delicate balance of life on Earth. These awe-inspiring paintings are the culmination of over five years of dedication and willpower. They fuel a series of visually compelling and educational experiences, aimed at generating support for the conservation and regeneration of the endangered rain forests of Borneo.

More than just an art collection, Life Force represents a movement. It has the potential to touch millions of hearts through education and philanthropy. To kick start this movement, a series of murals in the Life Force style will be unveiled worldwide, igniting conversations about jungle conservation and reforestation, with the hashtag #NaturelsOurLifeForce leading the way.

The mural in Borneo is painted for an organization called Health in Harmony, which is an international nonprofit dedicated to reversing deforestation and climate change. They do so in a non-colonial way through human-centered solutions with local communities that involve healthcare and forest restoration. Reversing tropical rain forest deforestation to halt the climate and nature crises. Through listening to rain forest communities and investing precisely in their solutions (healthcare, livelihoods, and education). Their programs return improved human health and improved forest health and draw down of CO2. With the goal to protect rain forests to help halve CO2 emissions by 2030, then to net zero by 2050.

Ekaterina's journey as an artist began at the school of Fine Arts in Yaroslavl, Russia, where she honed her techniques and skills. She furthered her artistic education at the prestigious Art School of Museum in Tel-Aviv, where she started developing her own unique style under the encouragement of her mentors. Her passion for wildlife conservation took her on a path of self-study, deepening her connection with wildlife.

The new Life Force collection is an embodiment of Ekaterina's spirituality and profound love for nature. These exquisite paintings are born from deep meditation, emerging from over 100 days of silence, and are created using a medium that only she has access to. Through her art, Ekaterina brings attention to the pressing issue of deforestation in Borneo Rain-forest, Indonesia, and vows to collaborate only with organizations and brands that align with the principles of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Ekaterina Sky's art is visually captivating as well as a powerful force for raising awareness and driving positive change. Her unwavering commitment to wildlife conservation and environmental protection shines through in every stroke of her paintbrush, making her a steward for the voiceless and the precious ecosystems that make up our world.

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Artist Ekaterina Sky