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Business Reporter: Managing complexity with scalable solutions using tomorrow’s technology

How platforms with an integration layer can fuel growth in the financial sector

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 17, 2023/ -- In an article published on Business Reporter, Dr Gerhard Heide, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Marionete talks about the most successful approach to integrating legacy systems with the latest digital technology. Both off-the-shelf solutions and point-to-point integrations have their own advantages. However, their performance depends to a large extent on the size and activity of the company deploying them. With the former, companies have little say in development and often risk vendor lock-in, whereas the latter is ideal for businesses with only a few systems with costs spiralling as complexity increases. Meanwhile, platforms with a dedicated integration layer can provide an environment where legacy systems can operate together with cutting-edge solution while necessary changes to them are kept to a minimum.

The innovative platforms and architectures that Marionete delivers in the financial services sector enable financial institutions to transform into knowledge-driven organisations, where emerging technology becomes a driving force for business performance. Marionete streamlines migrations and the complicated integration of siloed infrastructure, as well as facilitate the design and implementation of large digital transformation projects to overhaul payment architecture and accelerate the growth of companies that leverage its innovative capabilities. Marionete provides the backbone architecture that can make financial organisations more resilient in a rapidly changing market and help them navigate any storms or even strengthen their position while weathering them.

To learn more about how Marionete can best support your business’s digital transformation, read the article.

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