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"The Vagabonds" By Porter + Craig Film and Media Takes a Step to Normalize Women's Desires and Preferences

The Vagabonds Poster

The Vagabonds Poster

Powerfully exploring women's needs, preferences, and desires, "The Vagabonds", distributed by Porter + Craig Film And Media, is now available on VUDU.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 14, 2023/ -- Challenging The Societal Norms And Prejudices Against Women. "The Vagabonds" is a German romance drama film about a middle-aged woman searching for genuine human connection and compassion in a beautiful, sensual, and seductive way. Now available on VUDU. Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution are leading the way in growing the audience for independent films with their latest feature. This unique sensual drama takes place in the streets of Berlin. It was shown at the Cannes Film Festival, which led to it receiving praise from throughout the world.

Directed, co-written, and co-produced by the Bulgarian Doroteya Droumeva, an award-winning filmmaker, was also recognized at Cannes for her short film "The Letter" in 2011. She came together with Martin Razhdashki and Chelsea Brünger for The Vagabonds. In particular, she credits the cast and crew of the film for making it possible.

"Nora yearned for a liberating experience that was beyond the comprehension of most. Compassion, a sense of connection, and the ability to give oneself up to love without expecting anything in return are all critical components of love making. While it wasn't easy to adapt to a role that was so unlike to me in real life, I really enjoyed the screenplay. The author's perspective on toxic masculinity as well as the double standards held by our culture were enough to draw me in. I would like to express my appreciation to the team of 'The Vagabonds' for this wonderful opportunity." - Shirly Lev.

The 2022 Cannes nominated, eighty-nine-minute film on the life of Nora, who is unapologetic about what she wants, is somehow a misfit in the society that, at its very best, views women as objects with no emotions, sexual desires, or needs. The film takes on the irrational story-line of women being required to act in a specific manner at a given age, and its fundamental subject is ‘A woman needs, wants and desires to enjoy it as much as men.’ 'The versatility, dialogue delivery, and expressions of the lead actress, Shirly Lev, were intensely intimidating and honest. To experience pleasure and joy with whomever she wants to defy the age barriers and fake morality, the film takes viewers in an introspection of what their inner deepest darkest sexual fantasies are.

The film also stars Jonathan Elias Weiske and Magnús Mariuson in supporting roles. The film stands out in its story-line of finding genuine human connection, attachment, and companionship.

For more details and information, please visit "The Vagabonds" (2022) - IMDb.

The Vagabonds is a German hit 2022 romantic drama distributed by Porter + Craig Film and Media, announced for a launch on OTT platforms. Currently available on VUDU, the Doroteya Droumeva directorial will soon be released on other leading platforms.

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The Vagabonds Trailer