THE NURSES WALL Inspires Cancer Survivor Realtor Support for Nurse Thanking Message Posting During National Nurses Week

Cancer survivors Michael and Pam Kander lead real estate effort to post "thank you" messages on THE NURSES WALL during National Nurses Week (May 6-12)

THE NURSES WALL: a grateful public's virtual 'thank you' gift to the world's 20+ million unsung hero nurses.

Pamela Jane Nye, Nurse / CEO of Operation Scrubs nonprofit and Creator/Executive Director of The Nurse Wall.

Cancer survivors Michael and Pamela Kander pay forward positive nurse experiences by leading real estate industry support for May 6-12 global tribute to nurses.

Since there are no words to adequately express our appreciation for nurses, our compelling motivation is helping THE NURSES WALL mission achieve its infinite nurse-honoring message-posting objective.”
— Michael and Pamela Kander
MALIBU, CALFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2023/ -- With the annual 2023 celebration of National Nurses Week being May 6-12, the acknowledgment nurses receive typically involves greeting cards, pastries, candy and flowers. From the media, the predictable recognition includes interviews and appearances by nurses picked for interesting patient-related stories or some special achievement recognition.

For Michael and Pam Kander, it's none of the above. Instead, these determined cancer survivors chose to pay forward their positive nurse-appreciative experiences by leading and encouraging their national real estate connections and clients to collectively support THE NURSES WALL - a virtual online registry where people can post infinitely lasting "thank you" messages.

The Kanders say they learned about THE NURSES WALL through their friendship with its creator, Pamela Jane Nye, who explained, "The World Health Organization dedicated 2020 to be celebrated as the Year of the Nurse. Covid-19 stole it, and THE NURSES WALL was created as a public-supported 2023 weapon to take it back."

Describing THE NURSES WALL, Nye emphasized, "Online message-postings take only a few minutes, and while there's no cost to participate, to the world's nursing population, the perceived value of THE NURSES WALL and its positive message-posting is priceless."

Of particular Kander interest was this public-supported gift was created as a perpetual tribute to the world's 20+ million unsung hero nurses, also to memorialize the 2,500+ nurses who died choosing to be with their patients during the Battle of Covid-19.

"What impressed us most," Pamela added, "was realizing the priceless value of THE NURSES WALL messages because they come from the people nurses care about most - their patients."

After hearing Nye's explanation, the Kanders felt compelled to ask, "How can we help?"

Nye suggested the Kanders use their real estate industry contact lists of real estate organizations and clients to collectively promote, publicize, and use social media contacts to recruit 'thank you' message postings during the May 6-12 National Nurses Week celebration. Nye also explained she prefers "thank you" message posting over financial contributions describing "money, albeit given or received, is temporary and eventually forgotten. THE NURSES WALL, however, has the potential to indefinitely exist and make a positive difference in the lives of nurses as long as nurse-appreciative people continue to post their brief 'thank you' stories."

Michael described his motivation and support for THE NURSES WALL stating, "My battle with pancreatic cancer caused me to think about the loving care I received throughout my lengthy hospital stays and frequent reoccurring clinic visits. And while recognizing the vital role of my treating physicians, the nurses did the heavy lifting and attended to my 24/7 daily needs."

Pamela's battles involved thyroid and stage 3 breast cancer which she optimistically refers to as "gifts for which I'm reminded daily. "it was the nurses, however, who were the ultimate gift because they not only provided my continuous medical care needs, they lifted me when I needed lifting, and kept me going when I no longer had the stamina to push forward."

When asked if there was one compelling factor for THE NURSES WALL support, Pamela spoke for both, saying, "Since there are no words to adequately express our appreciation for nurses, our compelling motivation is helping THE NURSES WALL mission achieve its infinite nurse-honoring message-posting objective."

In addition to THE NURSES WALL, Nye is the Founder/CEO of Operation Scrubs, Inc., the 501(c)(3) nonprofit which provides innovative, tuition-free continuing nurse education, advanced nursing education for working nurses, and positive nurse image advocacy worldwide, i.e., THE NURSE WALL, also a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable entity.

To view and post messages on THE NURSES WALL, the access website address is To learn more about Operation Scrubs, see

People or real estate companies wanting to join "Team Kander Lifestyles-YHSGR" their team is alpha-listed in the drop-down menu on THE NURSES WALL registry page. Additionally, national real estate companies wanting to have their own national team may contact the Kanders by email at

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