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Pet Success has a very successful adoption program with 52 Pet Success clients adopting second dogs in six months

The careful thoughtful introduction of a second pet leads to a lifelong friendship between two dogs

Pets crave friendship, companionship and the adventure a furry best friend brings

Dogs love being around other pets

Pet Success assesses and trains all surrendered dogs and supports continued interaction and visits from the old owner for the well-being of the surrendered pet

Pet Success Adoptions knows that rehoming a pet for adoption is a very difficult decision but with Pet Success Adoptions you are given the opportunity to consider options and be involved in placement”
— Allan Morgan

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 4, 2023/ -- Pet Success Rehoming and Pet Success Adoption Programs received over 52 surrendered dogs in six months and successfully trained and placed dogs with existing clients as happy welcomed second dogs. Healthy Transparent transition to Adoption is part of the Pet Success Promise. Additional information is available at

Pet Success believes that the current owner and new owner should work as a team on the transition to adoption and advocates for access to the surrendered puppy or dog until the dog is successfully rehomed and happy in their new home.

Pet Success understands why people desire pet ownership for all of its physical and mental health benefits but new owners need help, support, guidance and training in order to successfully rehome a pet for the long term.

Pet Success is an organization that differs from the OHS because Pet Success offers free training as an alternative to surrendering, but if the current owner must surrender they ask the owner to continue to visit the dog for the well-being of the dog until the dog is successfully adopted.

Pet Success also suggests a meeting between the old owner and the new owner so the dog has the highest chance of Adoption success.

Pet Success does not believe in immediate sterilization and seeks consultation with the new owner before taking this step.

Pet Success knows that adopting a pet is an amazing life decision and it requires careful thought, planning, stability and a support system. A well trained and loved dog who is given lots of opportunity to love their owner and spend time with their owner will be successful. Pets provide a loyal companion who is greatly valued by their owner. Pets give Pet Parents a life purpose which improves mental health and overall wellbeing.

"People recognize that there is something special about bonds between humans and their pets," said
APA President Rebecca Brendel, M.D., J.D.

"Dog owners clearly recognize that our relationships with our pets can have noticeable benefits for our overall mental health."

Pet Success Adoptions knows that rehoming a pet for adoption is a very difficult decision but with Pet Success Adoptions you are given the opportunity to consider other options, to meet the potential adopters and to support your beloved dog with the transition to a new home.

Pet Success is committed to the long term mental health and wellbeing of the surrendered dog and owner.

Pet Success often seeks ownership for surrendered dogs with existing clients who have years of experience with dogs, have recently lost a dog, or current owners who are seeking companionship for a second dog. Pet Success oversees the successful socialization of the two dogs.

The benefits of having two dogs at home are

1) They can keep each other company
2) Both dogs will be able to entertain each other and get exercise together
3) The older dog could help you train a new puppy
4) When the dogs have each other, it can help ease separation anxiety
5) Owners will have two adorable dogs to love

Pet Success supports the successful introduction of bringing a second dog home by insuring first meeting is positive ( with treats), on neutral ground and the two dogs have positive socialization opportunities. Pet Success insures that there is minimum opportunity for rivalry over toys, etc. and both dogs are supervised for the first few weeks. After consistent repeated positive interactions, both dogs are truly family and adore each other.

Pet Success has an open door policy where they are on call and available to old and new pet owners for every step of the Adoption process. Pet Success Adoption training and mentorship program for guarantees successful and compassionate surrendering and adopting of dogs.

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