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Pickcel partners with Ravi Shankar's the Art of Living to promote wellbeing, waives software license charges

A digital signage screen showing the Art of Living Vishalakshi Mantap, the central attraction

A digital signage screen showing the Art of Living Vishalakshi Mantap, the central attraction

Pickcel logo

Pickcel logo

The Pickcel software dashboard

The Pickcel software dashboard

Pickcel goes non-profit for the globally-acclaimed Art of Living Center to demonstrate its advocacy of mental health.

I truly believe that we, as a society, are not focusing enough on mental health. AOL's initiatives have profoundly impacted the cause, and we wanted to support them in any way possible.”
— Basudev Saha, Co-Founder & CTO, Pickcel
NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2023/ -- Located 21 km south of the bustling IT town of India, the Art of Living's international headquarters in Bangalore has been about creating a harmonious space that encourages spiritual growth and self-discovery.

The globally famed well-being retreat founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar receives more than 1.2 million visitors annually, with many of its visitors arriving from different corners of the world.

Adding an edge to promoting wellness, the center incorporated digital signage to help in its mindfulness programs and to display information to its visitors.

When the Art of Living team approached Pickcel for its digital signage software platform, the SaaS brand was excited to partner with an organization reinventing a cause that is dear to its co-founders.

"I truly believe that we as a society are not focusing enough on mental health. AOL's initiatives have profoundly impacted the cause, and we wanted to support them in any way possible," Basudev Saha, CTO, Pickcel. "It's a cause that I care much about."

The Art of Living has incorporated 10+ Android-powered screens in numerous places, such as lobbies, auditoriums, and a few open meditation grounds.

Pickcel's cloud-based software solutions allowed the admins to quickly update the screens with news of upcoming events and celebrations, infographics outlining the benefits of their mindfulness programs, videos of previous events, interviews of the yoga gurus advising on the importance of conscious well-being practices, and a lot more.

"As businesses, 'profit' is often the yardstick we measure our growth with. But this was different. This was personal for me," explains Basudev. Keeping in line with the ashram's not-for-profit mindset, Pickcel was happy to provide its services to the Art of Living at no cost.

The digital signage solution successfully grabbed the attention of the visitors and the devotees of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, especially during the evening 'satsang' (spiritual discourse). The unique digital experience brought a new meaning to these sundown meet-and-greet sessions of singing, dancing, and meditating songs dedicated to the gods and goddesses.

About the Pickcel software:

The Pickcel software is an end-to-end screen and content management platform that allows you to control any industrial screen network (kiosk, commercial LED screens, billboards, digital posters, etc.) Businesses can create a free account with Pickcel and start pairing their displays. Some of the key features of the software include:

- Built-in tools to design any content (100+ templates, artboard, layout editors, and 60+ content apps)

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- Pickcel is compatible with all standard hardware and operating systems, ensuring smooth media playback on any existing device.

- The software allows playing multimedia content such as videos, text scrollers, live feeds from social media, news websites, and interactive content such as polls, transactions, and gamified discounts.

- The platform can be heavily customized to meet the needs of any business challenge.

About Pickcel:

Pickcel is a leading SaaS brand for digital signage solutions, catering to a global portfolio of 1500+ clients, including top names like Marriott, Radisson, Mercedes, Amazon, Decathlon, and Tata Trusts. With offices in Bangalore, India, and New York, USA, Pickcel is a trusted partner for SMBs and multinational brands.

Pickcel is a horizontal business software that can cater to the needs of any and industry- advertising, hospitality, education, healthcare, corporate, transport, retail & more. The software brand offers its customers a choice between cloud-based and on-premise solutions.

With SOC-2-certified software powering screens across the globe, Pickcel is one of the world's most secure and fastest-growing digital signage software companies.

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