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Influencer Marketing Trends And Social Media Updates Q1, 2023

Influencer Marketing Trends And Social Media Updates Q1, 2023

The report highlights 10 influencer marketing trends that various top brands used to carry out their word-of-mouth campaigns in 2023.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 24, 2023/ -- Leading influencer marketing platform,, has released a report - Your Influencer Marketing Guide to a Successful Q2 - detailing the top 10 influencer marketing trends businesses have actively implemented in the first quarter of 2023. The report highlights big and small-scale businesses' latest strategies and tactics to achieve their marketing goals.

The report covers a range of trends, such as exploring TikTok long-form content, choosing between first-mover influencers vs. celebrities, tapping streamers for collaborations, effectively using breadcrumb content, and working with partner brands to run influencer campaigns. Additionally, the report details how some big brands have revamped their existing campaigns, hinting at a possible way to execute campaigns during an economic downturn.

Among other trends highlighted in the report are making the best use of ChatGPT, brands focusing on conscious consumerism, the rise of de-influencing, and making the best use of journalists as content creators.

The report also highlights how social media platforms focused on brand-creator collaboration by introducing several new features in Q1. For example, YouTube focuses on making monetization easier for content creators, Instagram is developing itself into a content creation tool, Twitter is enhancing user experience, Facebook is becoming more of a content discovery platform, and TikTok is bidding to retain its position as the top video streaming platform.

In addition to the report's insights, has also provided data on the top 5 brands that actively generated content on Instagram in the first quarter and the top influencers based on engagement rate and follower growth. The report covers countries such as the USA, the UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and India.

To access the full report and gain insights into the top influencer marketing trends of Q1 2023, visit or

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