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Automate and scale influencer marketing content approval, with’s new feature launch

Content approval list view

Content approval list view

Approved content list view

Approved content list view - influencer marketing platform, launches ‘content approval’ feature to help brands streamline the content collaboration process with influencers.’s ‘content approval’ feature helps brands and agencies, streamline the collaboration with influencers to shorten the time & effort it takes for the influencer content to be finalized.”
— Nisarg Shah, co-founder and CEO,
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2023 / --, a leading AI-driven influencer marketing platform announces the release of its latest feature, ‘content approval’.

Influencer marketing strategies succeed when brands give influencers creative freedom that resonates with their followers. However, in order to ensure brand safety, there are certain guidelines around what to include or not, in the content. And to achieve a balance, the influencer generated content eventually becomes a collaboration between a brand and influencer.

During this process, approving content manually, at scale, can become challenging and time-consuming, often resulting in long email threads and constant back and forth on other communication channels. Medium to large brands and agencies spend roughly 195 hours a week combined on this manual intervention.

“Influencer generated content is typically a result of a lot of back-n-forth between the influencers and marketers. This collaboration is important as it ensures the right balance between influencer creativity and brand safety. At, we have seen that when brands start working with a lot of influencers, this content collaboration becomes very manual, tedious and time consuming. Eventually, this increases the time taken for the influencer-content to go live,” says Nisarg Shah, co-founder and CEO,’s ‘content approval’ feature helps brands/users,
-> reduce time and resources spent on approving influencer content
-> seamlessly approve or share feedback on content created by an Influencer
-> view all submitted content for approval for a particular campaign in one place.

With’s ‘content approval’ feature, brands/users can,
-> send a unique and secure link to all their influencers to start accepting content drafts
-> get notified on receiving the draft content from Influencers
-> review, share comments or approve the content in the same space
-> track all the content approval statuses in one place and seamlessly follow-up with influencers with pending comments.

“Today, marketers are coordinating with their influencers over DM, WhatsApp, email etc, which makes it very unorganized and challenging to scale.’s ‘content approval’ feature helps brands and agencies streamline the collaboration with influencers to shorten the time & effort it takes for the influencer content to be finalized," says Shah.

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