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All Types of Book Binding 314-695-5757

Distribution onto platforms like Google Books,, Etsy, AbeBooks and more. Showcasing new authors, artists from small press runs of 48, 96 and up.

Distribution onto platforms such as Google Books,, Etsy and AbeBooks. Showcasing a new author or artist on a large platfrom, including micro press runs to get them noticed.”
— Wayne Bell, Publisher
ST. LOUIS, MO, USA, March 22, 2023/ -- "Our company started publishing in '88, we found cost and distribution prevents many people from being published. There are great stories out there, many writers and artists want to showcase their skills, to get their work published and distributed. The big problem, often they just do not have direct access to mass markets, nor the investment to get there. brings the investment with global access and mass distribution. We are sharing our success, history, good fortune and knowledge with the community at large. Let’s find out what the public thinks about a new book, a story, a poem or a song, art or a painting.

Who is the next Tolstoy, Twain, Suess, or Vonnegut? What about Rushdie, Rice, or Angelo? Words, sentences, art, poems, music, all images on a page and it means something to the artist. It means a lot more when people purchase it or talk about it. What our company is offering, is the access to share work with a huge audience. On the next couple of paragraphs you will see the idea of how that could happen for you", says Publisher Wayne Bell. "People want to be heard and be seen, give them access to the mass markets," Bell continued.

Here are the basics, said Bell. The company has high end digital manufacturing capabilities making it affordable to publish on demand (POD). The authors need to be organized. If the book or work is 'camera ready' with no layout, corrections or labor required for publishing, there is not a set-up fee to pre-press the work. Included will be access to the Library of Congress for copyright registration to protect the work. An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) a part of the set up to assure proper listing on book sellers, google and other mass distribution outlets. Manufacturing in small press runs 48, 96 and up. Offering the author or artist, a discounted price on these small press runs as to make books accessible from a revenue perspective.

In the meantime, the company sets the book up for sale on various mass distribution outlets. The amount of money required to get published on this platform is minimal - the BIG DEAL is - getting the units out to mass market with the artists, authors story-line, name, byline, to be viewed by millions of internet visitors. There is no guarantee the public will purchase the new book, although a large public audience will get a chance to see the work for sure. As always, consumers control the purchasing choice.

The company shares publishing details with the artist, author before work is accepted, and each work is reviewed for content, style, syntax, grammar with additional editing features available. Taking into account consideration for the author, artists, writers and we keep it organized. A very non-partisan, never playing favorites to any political climate or culture. The goal is making the individual look good on paper. Making them proud and profitable from the work they create and share. A new wave traditional publishing house with the goal of distributing the works of the author. Should someone become famous in the process,. then the better for all, Bell ended.

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