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PUREFORGE® Automotive Technology Company Relocates to Troy, Michigan

PUREFORGE® new testing and manufacturing location

PONTIAC, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2023 / -- Today, PureForge® Inc. announces the move of its testing and manufacturing location from Poway, California, to Troy, Michigan. The pragmatic move was completed on March 14, 2023. PureForge's® administrative and product development headquarters remain in Pontiac, Michigan.

"We are pleased to be a part of the growing chorus of companies that see the strategic advantages and potential of locating to Troy, Michigan," said CEO Gordon Heidacker. "We are nearer to our customer base, the great educational and research-based universities in Michigan, skilled workers, and transportation. This move is a sure win for an environmentally and sustainably focused technology company like ours."

Troy is pleased to have companies like PureForge®. "We have created an environment conducive to business, technology, and manufacturing companies like PureForge® Inc," said Troy Mayor Ethan Baker. "We are pleased to welcome PureForge® to the City of Troy. "Troy makes a great deal of economic and practical sense. Troy is open for business, and we welcome CEO Heidacker and the team from PureForge® Inc."

PureForge® technology is a 21st Century Automotive Technology Company. The PureForge® proprietary technology addresses the high maintenance costs associated with routine brake wear and environmental concerns.

PureForge® has innovated a nano-surface technology that addresses many of the standard automotive industry issues related to current brake systems and has the potential to disrupt the global brake industry and build valued OEM, Fleet, and high-performance brands. Its technology has five main advantages over standard wear brakes.

1. Longevity – PureForge's ® Proprietary technology is a multi-layer treatment that penetrates the cast iron rotor surface, leading to one of the significant features of the PureForge technology-- longevity. PureForge's proprietary rotor treatment and the recommended brake pads can extend rotor life up to 10x and pad life up to 3x to 5x.
2. Brake Dust – OEMs are facing regulations on reducing Brake Dust in Europe. A significant reduction in brake dust has been observed. We believe this technology advantage is ESG compliant and can reduce CO2 emissions. Also, PureForge Brakes complies with EU7 brake dust regulations.
3. Rust Resistance – Rust has been a long-time issue on brakes, particularly in Northern Climates. PureForge's proprietary treatment, when coupled with recommended brake pads, subjected to a proper break-in and continued use, is resistant to heavy corrosion on the wear surface.
4. Light Weighting – Eliminating weight on a vehicle has desirable effects on cost, performance, and fuel economy. PureForge's proprietary technology results in reduced rotor wear, potentially allowing a reduction in rotor weight. Controlling the brake wear surface also allows the potential to re-engineer the complete brake rotor to optimize weight reduction and performance further.
5. Branding – A PureForge® Exclusive. To our knowledge, no one else can achieve a lasting version of this product attribute. Since the wear surface is controlled, we believe the ability to add logo identifiers to the brake wear surface is unique to PureForge®. Current development shows that the logo will not diminish and potentially last the rotor's life. Testing and development on this exciting branding opportunity are ongoing.

PureForge Inc is ADVANCING STRATEGIC Economic and Environmental opportunities in mobility.

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