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Higher Loyalty, New Sustainable Brand, Creates Undyed Organic Cotton Lace Lingerie

Three women wearing Higher Loyalty undyed organic cotton lace lingerie.

Higher Loyalty - Luxury organic lace intimates made from naturally colored cotton.

A model wearing Higher Loyalty sustainable organic cotton lace lingerie.

Skin-healthy and environmentally sustainable organic cotton lace lingerie.

Hands holding Higher Loyalty's heritage cotton on stem in a field.

Higher Loyalty’s heritage red-brown cotton varietals are antimicrobial and non-allergenic.

Intimate apparel brand is first to offer lace underwear from naturally colored organic cotton that is flattering, feminine and free of toxic dyes and chemicals.

It took years of development and innovation, but we created intimates with a core style and foundational items that fit every woman’s wardrobe.”
— Jessica Owusu-Afriyie, Higher Loyalty co-founder

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., UNITED STATES, March 23, 2023 / -- Higher Loyalty, a sustainable intimate apparel brand, is the first to offer undyed lace intimates that achieve the femininity and style of traditional lingerie without the use of chemicals and synthetic dyes. Using naturally colored cotton that originated in the ancient Americas almost 4,500 years ago, Higher Loyalty’s red-brown varietals are antimicrobial and non-allergenic, more resilient to washing and become richer in color over time. A women-owned small business, Higher Loyalty launched its sustainable intimate apparel line in December 2022. The full collection of skin-healthy and environmentally sustainable organic cotton lace lingerie is now available for purchase at Higher Loyalty and stockist Botanica Day Spa in the Tampa Bay area.

“Brand new to the industry, I started researching the causes of pollution from fashion. Within a few hours, I figured out that textile dyeing was the most toxic component of the clothing manufacturing process, and that the industry did not have a scalable solution implemented. Realizing this, I began searching for fibers that did not need to be dyed, which is when I discovered our miracle fiber – naturally colored cotton,” said Shelby Jones, Higher Loyalty’s Founder.

Consumers should know that conventional textile dyeing uses more than 8,000 chemicals, introducing toxins that wearers can absorb through prolonged skin contact. Dyeing is also energy intensive and highly polluting. Higher Loyalty not only rejects chemical dyes and toxins but also avoids 80% of the pollution caused by the fashion industry just by eliminating the dyeing process. The brand’s lingerie is more natural and breathable, better for human health and the environment and – unlike other sustainable intimates – it delivers the femininity and style women expect when wearing lingerie.

“We’re committed to offering lingerie that is sexy, safe and sustainable,” said Jessica Owusu-Afriyie, Higher Loyalty co-founder. “It took years of development and innovation, but we created intimates with a core style and foundational items that fit every woman’s wardrobe. It’s a giant leap for sustainable intimate apparel.”

Higher Loyalty’s collection features both lace and soft, stretchy ribbed fabric and includes an all-lace thong, a French cut bikini, a high-rise thong with lace waistband, a G-string, a bralette designed for both small and large busts and two tank tops. Higher Loyalty cotton is milled in Japan, at one of the few producers in the world sustainably milling naturally colored Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified cotton. It is spun into yarns and knit into fabric in its natural color.

View the full collection now at Higher Loyalty. See it modeled on Instagram at @higher.loyalty.

Named after a line in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s book “Strength to Love,” Higher Loyalty is a testament to the idea that deep fulfilment comes in pursuing one’s passion. Founder Shelby Jones took a leap of faith to develop her own fashion line after ten years of climbing the corporate ladder. Co-founder Jessica Owusu-Afriyie pursues sustainability as an ethical principle, both in her lifestyle and in her nearly two-decade career as an intimate apparel fashion designer. Higher Loyalty, a higher standard for organic underwear.


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