The Rich, Creamy Taste of Italy Spreads Across the Country By I Scream Gelato

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I Scream Gelato

I Scream Gelato serves handcrafted Italian desserts with over 70 rotating flavors & offers catering for events.

Colorado-based I Scream Gelato announces expansion plans aimed at helping entrepreneurs claim their share of the $5.7 billion ice cream and gelato store industry.”
— Nadav Abergel
DENVER, COLORADO, USA, March 8, 2023 / -- Colorado-based I Scream Gelato announces expansion plans aimed at helping entrepreneurs claim their share of the $5.7 billion ice cream and gelato store industry. Since opening its first spot in Breckenridge, CO, in 2018, I Scream Gelato has opened two additional locations in Colorado and one in Miami, FL.

A store will be opening soon in Columbus, OH, and three in Dallas, TX, giving the outlet a total of seven locations, but owner Mr. Abergel’s ambitions don’t end there. “We want to bring our handcrafted Italian desserts to everyone in the U.S. and eventually grow to be a global brand,” he says.
Nationwide Opportunities Are Avaialable

To that end, the company offers opportunities in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

I Scream Gelato is a treat for customers and franchisees alike with its unique offer proposition. No pre-packaged mixes here – just pure ingredients imported from Italy. Each location boasts an Italian gelato artisan who creates both traditional and unique flavors that include seasonal ingredients, vegan options, and some offer alcohol-infused treats.

The extensive menu of more than 70 rotating flavors includes Nutella, smores, donut, Oreo, cheesecake, and crème brulé, all with a choice of toppings.
Inspired By The Largest Gelato Trade Show in Milano

After a visit to Milano, Italy, Mr. Abergel tasted the difference high-quality ingredients make. This eye for quality is how they create a product that means I Scream Gelato stands out from the competition. The same high standards apply to an eclectic menu that includes milkshakes, smoothies, gelato brioche sandwiches, bubble waffle cones, pancakes, and more.

Customers can also enjoy coffee drinks, including latte, cappuccino, macchiato, mocha, chai latte, hot chocolate, or a scoop of classic vanilla with a shot of espresso.
Interactive Pickup and Delivery System

To serve the modern customer, I Scream Gelato offers an interactive experience that includes online ordering for pickup and delivery from GrubHub, Doordash, and Uber Eats, along with local food delivery companies.

It also offers event catering for weddings, gender reveals, birthday parties, graduation, pool parties, and other events. The company does corporate catering as well.

With strong demand and a unique and authentic product, Mr. Abergel hopes to not only melt the competition but raise the bar for franchisees as well.

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