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Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates & Consumer Defense Law Group achieve impossible Surplus Trustee Sale Reversal

after Property Sold at Auction to 3rd Party Highest Bidder.

COSTA MESA, CA, UNITED STATES, March 3, 2023 / -- Natalia G obtained her Property via an Inter-family Transfer on 5/21/2012, a Married Woman as her Sole and Separate Property; Natalia had to obtain a non-traditional Loan on 12/09/2015 to obtain the property that was later assigned from one entity to another on 01/08/2016.

Unfortunately for Natalia, she like thousands of other American Homeowners she was economically affected by Covid-19 and fell behind on her Mortgage. Struggling to keep up with her payments her lender filed her first Notice of Default 11/17/2021.

Natalia didn’t really want to sell her home; especially since it would be perceived and marketed as a ‘distressed’ Sale due to the $110,000.00 Notice of Default that was now Publicly recorded. Chapter 13 payment would also prove to be unsustainable due to the economic impact Covid-19 had on her household income.

Natalia felt relief when someone contacted her and informed her that they’d be able to obtain a new Loan for her to pay-off her default. Natalia felt she was in the clear, or so she thought. Natalia provided the loan agent all the documentation they requested several times. She was continually being told that her loan was next in line and all would be o.k. Her lender filed a Notice of Trustee Sale on 06/10/22 with a Trustee Auction Sale Date set for 8/23/2022 at 9:00 a.m. to be sold to the Highest Bidder.

A few days before 8/23/22; Natalia received a message from her Loan agent that the Investor that now would not be able to close in time. Her Loan Agent then proposed Natalia sell her Home to another Investor in an all-cash offer. Natalia would have to sell the home for a low price due to it being a distressed Sale!

On 8/22/2022, One day before her Trustee Sale Natalia remembered a First-Class Package from the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, a Faith Based Loss Mitigation Real Estate and Mortgage Legal Clinic that is focused on Homeownership Preservation and affordable Housing. Natalia sent the following email:

“Subject: Foreclosure sale date tomorrow Hi, I know it may be too late, but the letter you mailed me stated that you'll still be able to help me and possibly save my home.
I worked with a loan company for a few months, and they already postponed the sale once, and the loan was about to be closed, but last week, they said that the previous lender who was supposed to close it decided to utilize a new application for a loan processing which may take up to a few months. So now they're searching for another lender, and I'm left facing the sale date, which will happen tomorrow, 08/23/2022. Please help me save my home! 11200 Perris Blvd, Moreno Valley, CA, 92557. Will you be able to help me?”.

Unfortunately, the Lender foreclosed on Natalia’s home and the Property was auctioned off to the Highest Bidder for $185,000.00 to what is referred to as an Innocent 3rd Party Purchaser. The property had a Zillow Value of $515,000.00.

Natalia was immediately referred to Attorney Anthony Cara’s Consumer Defense Law Group who have had successes with Surplus Trustee Sale Reversals. They have even been able to successfully Reverse a Trustee sale after the homeowner was evicted from the Foreclosed Home.

Stating there were no guarantees only that they would do everything in their power to reverse the Surplus Trustee sale to attempt to get the Property back into Natalia’s’ name; they were very clear that there was very little chance of it being successful. But not attempting would guarantee she would not get her home back. Consumer Defense Law Group was immediately referred and filed a Wrongful Foreclosure Legal action in the Superior Court of California Case No: CVR1220463 without Natalia having to Pay any upfront out of pocket money.

On December 16th 2022 Attorney Anthony Cara’s Consumer Defense Law Group presented Natalia a legal Court Ordered Stipulation to Unwind-Reverse the Trustee Sale to the Innocent 3rd Party Highest Bidder that Purchased the Property at Auction. Natalia went from losing not only her home but she also had lost $330,000.00 in equity in her property.

On January 31st the Nonprofit Clinic was informed that Faith First Bancorp, a Direct Lending relationship that they referred Natalia to obtain a Loan had Natalia’s Loan Documents ready to be signed and notarized.

Now Natalia can calm and without any pressure decide if she would rather Sell her home and benefit from her equity or refinance her home thru the help of the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates and their 3rd Party Alliance.

Quoting Senior Legal Services Director Attorney Fernando Leone “When it comes to our clients Homes, we strongly believe being overly prepared with plan B, C and even a plan D then not need it is a lot smarter than being under-prepared by only relying on one thing than later find out at the 11th hour that your one and only plan failed.

We find that 99% of all foreclosed Homeowners firmly believed they already had someone who had everything under control and didn’t think they needed a backup plan. We want to be your plan A, B, C and D.

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