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Another successful Surplus Trustee Sale Reversal by the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates

by referring Client fearing Eviction to the Consumer Defense Law Group that gets his home back and a Loan Modification Instead!

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 28, 2023 / -- Daniel Diaz, an engineer, purchased his Mission Hills home in 2011 with a loan balance of $308,000. However, like many other American homeowners, he fell behind on his mortgage payments due to COVID-19. Despite his struggles, he stayed in touch with his lender throughout the pandemic. Unfortunately, his lender filed a Notice of Default in July 2022, and Daniel was bombarded with offers from supposed "helpers."

One of them appeared genuine, and he convinced Daniel that he worked directly with his lender. He even had business cards, letterheads, logos, and an email address that made him look legitimate. This person made arrangements for Daniel to catch up on his payments, but the payments never made it to the lender. On January 12, 2023, Daniel's home was sold for $562,000.00 at a trustee sale auction, despite being worth over $800,000.

Shortly after the auction, Daniel began receiving calls from surplus retrieval agents and foreclosure consultants who claimed to work with attorneys and promised to help him retrieve his excess surplus funds. However, after hearing about unregulated foreclosure consultants who have embezzled funds from desperate homeowners, Daniel was hesitant to trust anyone. After praying for guidance, he came across an article about the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, a loss mitigation legal clinic that focuses on homeownership preservation and affordable housing.

He contacted them, and Sandra Skipper, the supervisor of the nonprofit clinic's post-trustee sale department, advised him to contact the Consumer Defense Law Group, a highly recommended wrongful foreclosure law firm, to file a wrongful foreclosure lawsuit. While there were no guarantees, Ms. Skipper assured him that they would do everything in their power to help him.

The Consumer Defense Law Group agreed to represent Daniel and filed wrongful foreclosure lawsuit CA23CHCV00195 in the Los Angeles Superior Court on January 24, 2023, to attempt to reverse the trustee sale. Although it is uncommon to reverse trustee sales, there was a possibility that the lawsuit could keep Daniel in the property long enough for him to receive his surplus funds.

As a backup plan when he does receive his surplus funds, the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates can help him use those funds as a down payment on a new home. He could potentially help another distraught homeowner avoid being foreclosure upon while making a smooth transition between homes as a worst-case scenario.

The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates and the Consumer Defense Law Group advised Daniel not to get his hopes up. Trustee sale reversals are very rare, but not impossible. Regardless of the outcome, the nonprofit clinic and law firm were committed to helping Daniel make a smooth transition from his former home to a new one. According to Daniel, the staff at both organizations were supportive and helpful throughout the process.

On 2/22/2023, Daniel Diaz's was informed by his Attorney Anthony Cara , Owner and Managing Attorney at the Consumer Defense Law group that not only did Daniel get his Home back into his name, but Daniel Diaz also received a Trial Loan Modification as well.

Quoting Daniel Diaz “I prayed for the right assistance after being scammed and I know God led me to the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates. I want everyone there to know how eternally grateful I am for them and Consumer Defense Law Group. Anyone in a similar situation as I was in should not hesitate in putting their trust in them. I thank God I did”.

To reach the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates you can go to their website at or call 855- NACA-HELP. To view other Successful Trustee Sale Reversals, go to

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