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Green Institute Launches the #OfficiallyGreen Campaign to Beat Plastic Pollution

I am #OfficiallyGreen

Secondary Students at Officially Green Campaign outing

#OfficiallyGreen Campaign to Beat Plastic Pollution

ONDO CITY, ONDO, NIGERIA, February 28, 2023 / -- The Green Institute, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental protection, is proud to announce the launch of its latest initiative, the #OfficiallyGreen Campaign. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and encourage individuals, communities, and organizations to take action to reduce their plastic waste.

"Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges facing our planet today," says Dr. Adenike Akinsemolu, founder of the Green Institute and Vanguard Fellow at the University of Birmingham. "It not only impacts wildlife and ecosystems but also poses a threat to human health and the economy. With the #OfficiallyGreen Campaign, we aim to inspire and empower people to take action to reduce their plastic waste and join us in our mission to beat plastic pollution."

The #OfficiallyGreen Campaign invites individuals and organizations to share their commitment to reducing plastic waste by taking a picture with the #OfficiallyGreen placard and sharing it on their social media channels. Participants are encouraged to make their placards using recycled materials and to share what they are doing in their communities to reduce plastic waste.

"We believe that collective action is the key to solving the plastic pollution crisis," says Dr. Akinsemolu. "By working together and sharing our efforts, we can raise awareness, inspire change, and make a real difference."

The Green Institute is committed to supporting individuals, communities, and organizations in their efforts to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment. Join the #OfficiallyGreen Campaign and make a difference today.

For more information, please visit the Green Institute's website or follow us on social media.

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