Gabriel Of Urantia, Spiritual Author And Advisor, Releases New Book 'The Real Santa Claus'

Gabriel of Urantia has announced the release of his newest book - The Real Santa Claus. Through this book, Gabriel of Urantia hopes to add a new layer of spirituality to a classic Christmas tale.

/ TUBAC, AZ - Gabriel of Urantia wears many hats - musician, counselor, church leader and also a spiritual author ready to release his new book - The Real Santa Claus.

In this new children's book, Gabriel of Urantia has put a new spin on a classic tale, bringing expanded spiritual values to an exciting new Christmas story. Gabriel tells, through the mind of Jesus, how Santa Claus came to be—an example of Jesus, who is the Giver of all things that one wishes for.

"The Real Santa Claus isn't just a rehashing of a classic story everyone knows. Through this book, I hope to help young children to understand that Jesus Christ is the real Santa, and I try to make this easily understood to young minds," said Gabriel of Urantia, the author of The Real Santa Claus (

After the loss of his 7-year-old daughter in 1977 to open heart surgery, Gabriel found himself increasingly drawn towards spirituality. In the 1980s, Gabriel explored the New Age movement and studied Eastern philosophy and religion, expanding his repertoire of truth while always maintaining his Christian roots. During this time of exploration, he says he was Providentially given The Urantia Book, which he began to study extensively and which eventually led to circumstances that convinced him to spread this message.

Shortly after, Gabriel met his spiritual complement, Niánn Emerson Chase. In 1989, Gabriel and Niánn founded several nonprofit organizations that continue to grow and thrive today, including Global Community Communications Alliance (GCCA) and Avalon Organic Gardens & Eco Village.

Gabriel of Urantia says his writings are a call to the people of the planet to make the positive, inner changes in their personal lives, to participate in civil disobedience when necessary, that will bring about the positive outer changes needed in the world. He has written the Be Aware Proclamation to this effect. His efforts have created a true spiritual revolution that Gabriel calls a Spiritualution.

GCCA today has grown to become a popular new thought, alternative church that believes in the Fatherhood of God and the brother-/sisterhood of all humankind. The Spiritualution has also led to the birth of a number of spiritually-empowered social, civil and environmental programs and movements.

About Gabriel of Urantia:
Gabriel of Urantia has established a reputation as a spiritual leader, musician, author, counselor, and activist for those in need. He is the co-founder of the Global Community Communications Alliance. Established in 1989 with co-founder Niánn Emerson Chase, the EcoVillage has grown to more than 100 international members, and in 2010 became the world's first officially recognized Urantia book church.

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