Gausium and Gerobo International Demonstrated the Flagships of Their Autonomous Cleaning Portfolio at CleanExpo 2023

Gausium and Gerobo International at CleanExpo 2023 in Athens

Gausium autonomous cleaning robot Scrubber 50 Pro

ATHENS, GREECE, February 20, 2023 / -- Gausium, the world's leading provider of autonomous cleaning robots, and Gerobo International, its official distributor, showcased the best-in-class autonomous scrubbers at CleanExpo 2023, a unique and most specialized exibition in Greece for professional cleaning.

First time presented in Greece, Scrubber 50 and Scrubber 75, two flagships of the Gausium autonomous cleaning portfolio, performed a live demo to showcase their advanced functions. Powered by Gmind X (the new groundbreaking navigation engine of Gausium), the robotic scrubbers demonstrated smart obstacle avoidance and rerouting, simultaneous scrubbing and sweeping, dust mopping, and other functions to the audience from facilities management, hospitality, healthcare, logistics, and other industries.

"Most of the attendees were astonished by the level of robotics knowledge and range of solutions." - said Gerasimos Gerolymatos, Founder & CEO of Gerobo Interational. Fully autonomous scrubbers are gaining increasing favor in the market with their ability to liberate workforce from repetitive tasks related to floor care, allowing people to focus their time and efforts on other chores.

Gausium’s cleaning robots also boast sustainability features with their excellent resource efficiency. Particularly, the groundbreaking Auto Spot Cleaning mode helps reduce the footprint of cleaning operations by saving electric energy and water consumption.

About Gausium:
Gausium was founded by Edward CHENG in 2013 out of a passion for autonomous driving. It started as a solutions provider of SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) and integrated robotics software. Today, Gausium has become a leading company of AI-powered autonomous cleaning and service robots with more than 4,000 successful deployments in 50 countries and regions. Currently, Gausium’s products and services include commercial floor cleaning robots, indoor delivery robots, and supplementary accessories like docking stations, cloud platforms, and application software.

About Gerobo International:
Gerobo International is a Robotics, AMR’s - Cleaning, Service robots, and Drones company. The company provides high-end AI Drone Security Patrolling and custom solutions to Shipping, Industry, Logistics, and Ho.Re.Ca sectors.
The company's motto is ‘People First, Robots Next!’, as it is inspired by the dynamically developing and increasingly applicable technological developments in the context of Industry 4.0 & 5.0 automation and the human collaborative interaction with robotics and IoT.

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