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Polysense launches iEdge 4.0 BYOD based IAQ product clusters for Indoor Air Quality monitoring

Polysense IAQ product clusters including the following matrix

The PST fixed smart home products product matrix

Build Your Own Devices with Polysense Technologies

Polysense Multiple-in-One IAQ product clusters provide flexible options for various use scenarios in plant, commercial business, and smart cities

SANTA CLARA, CA, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2023 / -- Polysense Technologies Inc., (Polysense) an innovation leader in LPWA IoT solutions for wireless sensing, today launched the dozens of multiple-in-one IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)sensor terminals which provide flexible choices for business and smart cities by rich array PSS sensors combinations customized by customer themselves and pre-built by Polysense with the BYOD (Build-Your-Own-Devices) features under the support of iEdge 4.0 OS. Various data report transmission technologies of LoRaWan(WxS8800) , NB-IoT(WxS9800/9900), WiFi(WxS7800), LTE Cat1/4(WxSC800/D800) and customer defined are available.

The advancement of economies and societies brings more and more air monitoring requirements and challenges in recent years with the complex gases existed in our rooms where we work, study and live. Air Quality monitoring is the most efficient and effective solutions to prevent respiratory diseases under the circumstances of polluted air known as the daze in our daily life, to ensure the life safety and security in the industrial space where flammable, explosive, dangerous and toxic gas existed. IAQ products are adopted to ensure to meet the government regulations and to provide healthy working conditions via fresh air systems for public, businesses and families.

The fully configurable and modular IAQ products can be built to 9-in-1 sensor with any of the following 1-6 of 14 most popular PSS gas sensors mixture, combined with and hold within the WxS base terminal:

 PSS-21H061/2/3 H2 Gas Sensor
 PSS-21H091/2/3 CO Gas Sensor
 PSS-21H0A1/2/3 H2S Gas Sensor
 PSS-21H0B1/2/3 O2 Gas Sensor
 PSS-21H0C1/2/3 NH3 Gas Sensor
 PSS-21H0D1/2/3 CL2 Gas Sensor
 PSS-21H0E1/2/3 O3 Gas Sensor
 PSS-21H0F1/2/3 SO2 Gas Sensor
 PSS-21H0H1/2/3 NO2 Gas Sensor
 PSS-21H0P1/2/3 VOC Gas Sensor
 PSS-21H0U1/2/3 HF Gas Sensor
 PSS-21H0V1/2/3 HCL Gas Sensor
 PSS-21H0W1/2/3 PH3 Gas Sensor
 PSS-21H6111/2/3 DG Gas Sensor
And the following CO2, PM2.5/10, and Temperature and Humidity sensors:
 PSS-21E0J1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 CO2 Gas Sensor
 PSS-21E131 PM2.5/10 sensor
 PSS-403011/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/A/B/C Temperature and Humidity Sensor
 PSS-403021/2/3/4 Temperature + Humidity + Barometric Pressure Sensors
There are 12 pre-built IAQ products, including following several types:
1. 4-in-1 IAQ
 PSS-423081 IAQ Gas (CO, H2S, O2, CH4) Sensors
 PST-423071 IAQ (Temperature+Humidity+CO2) Smart Sensors Terminal (Indoor, ER18505H/M)
 PST-423072 IAQ (Temperature+Humidity+CO2) Smart Sensor Terminal (Indoor, Rechargeable 18650)
 PST-423073 IAQ (Temperature+Humidity+CO2) Smart Sensor Terminal with 4.2" Ink Display (Indoor, ER18505H/M)
 PST-423074 IAQ (Temperature+Humidity+CO2) Smart Sensor Terminal with 4.2" LCD Display (Indoor, Rechargeable 18650)
2. 6-in-1 IAQ
 PSS-423031 IAQ(PM2.5/10, CO2, HCHO, Temp, Humidity) Sensors
 PSS-423041 IAQ(PM2.5/10, CO2, TVOC, Temp,Humidity) Sensors
 PSS-423091 Temp+Humidity+4 Gas Sensors (Optional) Module
3. 7-in-1 IAQ
 PSS-423051 IAQ(PM2.5/10, CO2, HCHO, TVOC, Temp,Humidity) Sensors
4. 9-in-1 AQI ppm and ppb level with sensors product number:
 PSS-423011 AQI(PM2.5/10, SO2,NO2, O3, CO,Temp,Humidity) PPM level Sensors(Uart)
 PSS-423021 AQI(PM2.5/10, SO2,NO2, O3, CO,Temp,Humidity) PPB Level Sensors(Uart)
 PSS-423022 AQI(PM2.5/10, SO2,NO2, O3, CO,Temp,Humidity) PPB Level Sensors(RS485)
The PSS sensors can be combined with LoRaWan systems to form the LoRaWan IAQ products with expandable capabilities:
 WxS8800-423011 AQI(PM2.5/10, SO2,NO2, O3, CO,Temp,Humidity) Smart Sensors & RTU

Smart home IAQ products can be powered by battery with ultra-low power service life up to over 10 years’ work, have the following features mixture (such as LoRaWan version):
 WxS8811-423071 IAQ (Temperature+Humidity+CO2) Smart Sensors Terminal (Indoor, ER18505H/M)
 WxS8811-423072 IAQ (Temperature+Humidity+CO2) Smart Sensor Terminal (Indoor, Rechargable 18650)
 WxS8811-423073 IAQ (Temperature+Humidity+CO2) Smart Sensor Terminal with 4.2" Ink Display (Indoor, ER18505H/M)
 WxS88110423074 IAQ (Temperature+Humidity+CO2) Smart Sensor Terminal with 4.2" LCD Display (Indoor, Rechargable 18650)
Except the most popular gases in the IAQ products, Polysense smart gas sensor terminals portfolio have industry grade 350+ types gases with different detection range, resolution, accuracy and enclosure to meet various customer needs.

“Product flexibility is the most important things we are considering when deploy IAQ products. As the customer case diversity, we need to define the IAQ gas types case by case, and enable sensor-controlled fresh air system so that to ensure healthy and safety. Other times, we need to deploy IAQ powered with battery with up to 10 years life requirements; Polysense IAQ products cluster meet our complex customer needs with flexible product portfolio”, said Elsa Willekens, Director of Innovative Smart Infrastructure. “Polysense flexible products can provide LoRaWan and NB-IoT transmission technologies which meets the customer requirements with same product architecture which greatly reduce the maintenances cost. Ultra-low power IAQ powered with battery for smart building can greatly cut down our services cost in the whole customer services cycle.”

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About Polysense

Founded in 2013 and Located in Santa Clara, California, Polysense starts the business from EPON/GPON focused edge products in data telecommunications industry, and expands the value proposition to data sensing focused IoT industry after we realized the next stop of Information Technologies development will be ubiquitous sensing for the upcoming smart digital things world. With the business philosophy of "sensing and connecting the world" in mind, the company is committed to providing the end-to-end integrated solutions of "universal sensing and communication" for the Internet of Things market. Empowered by iEdge 4.0 virtual micro kernel IoT Things OS and the cutting-edge configurable and modular open architecture, Polysense provides BYOD (Build-Your-Own-Devices) capabilities and services of white label, rebrand, OEM and ODM to simplify the sensing complexity and reduce the sensing cost in the real things world.

Polysense IoT products include decoupled various chemical and physical sensors and communications of LoRaWan, WiFi, NB-IoT, Cellular LTE Cat1 and Cat4, which will be expanded to next planned area of Sigfox, BT/BLE, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Mesh and 5G mmTC. Private communication and protocol technologies are easier to be expanded and grafted so that various IoT terminal products are available for those such as satellite communications.

With the global customers and partners over 150 countries, we will continuously contribute to the digital transformation of business, work, life and study of human beings. let’s sensing and connecting the digital world together with the BYOD services of Polysense Technologies!

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