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Zachor Legal Institute Leads Effort to Successfully Stop US Charities from Fundraising for Terrorist Organizations

Money is the lifeblood of terror organizations, and drying up their resources will make it impossible for them to carry on business as usual.”
— Ron Machol

BOZEMAN, MONTANA, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2023 / -- It has taken more than one year from the time Zachor Legal Institute first began to focus on shutting down the fundraising abilities of US charities with ties to terror, but tangible positive results are finally beginning to occur.

Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ), a non-profit soliciting large amounts of US tax-deductible donations for Palestinian terrorist organizations, now has been saddled with severe limitations in trying to engage in such activities in the future:!

The same is true for the organization Samidoun, an alter ego of the US-designated Palestinian terror organization Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

While the AfGJ engages in name calling and conspiracy-mongering in reaction to the closure of their terror-related fundraising, what they don’t do is provide evidence that the accusations of transferring funds to terrorist organizations are false:

For more details about both AfGJ and Samidoun's illicit fundraising activities, please read this article:

Zachor Legal Institute issued a complaint to the Internal Revenue Service, asking them to investigate AfGJ’s tax deductible status in light of their association with terrorist organizations, which led to a grass-roots effort of many concerned individuals to also send complaints to the IRS.

This followed a letter that Zachor Legal Institute wrote to the Department of Justice (DOJ), petitioning them to open an investigation into Samidoun and other US non-profits which solicit funds for terror organizations. A coalition of 28 organizations subsequently wrote to the DOJ & IRS also asking for an investigation into groups with ties to Palestinians terror. For additional information:

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Unfortunately, it is not just AfGJ that operates a US charity to trick people into supporting terrorism. Others are doing the same, including Salsa Labs and ActBlue:

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This outcome is a great victory for those interested in stopping funding to terrorist organizations from US-registered charities. We will continue to focus on this endeavor, with the objective of widening the scope to stop additional non-profits from making a mockery of their non-profit status to funnel significant tax deductible donations to terrorists.

Ron Machol of Zachor Legal Institute said: “We are delighted that the first of the major American charities fundraising for terrorist organizations is now unable to collect credit card donations. Money is the lifeblood of terror organizations, and drying up their resources will make it impossible for them to carry on business as usual.”

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