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Publications by Amy Jean

Publications by Amy Jean

The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 3 by Amy Jean

The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 3 by Amy Jean

Amy Jean

Amy Jean

Consider New possibilities: original thought. Could everything happening be a reflection of gestation and birth originating from one love?

As Amy's work evolves, she contemplates and theorizes original revolutionary ideas about where we came from, where we are going, and what most cannot see or have not imagined.”
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2023 / -- Author's Highly Anticipated Upcoming Release, The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 3 Reclaimed: Snippets from a Wild Ride, A Thought, A Theory, A Temptation, A Truth, expands and amplifies her previous publications, many of which received five-star reviews.

Amy is an author who relishes defying the status quo. Her intimate stories and activist writing style shines through in her artistic and masterful collection of work. The books and blog combine poetry and prose, propelling the reader along a melodic, serpentine path.

Delving into her writing, the reader discovers a blend of words, rhythms, and illustrations composing art derived from her memories, dreams, and views of the world. As Amy's work evolves, she contemplates and theorizes original revolutionary ideas about where humanity came from, is going, and what most cannot see or have not yet imagined. The concinnity of the work compels the reader to explore the work repeatedly, searching for sub-current meanings and discovering opportunities for reader self-reflection.

• Can minds open to new possibilities?
• What if the universe is a womb for gestation?
• Is scriptural birth recurring and approaching again?
• Could all scriptures and religions be in various forms to teach children with different learning styles on a path to full gestation?
• Is there one foundation of love – God the Father and Mother Nature?
• Could current experiences be a reflection of birth, and as Mother Nature's mind opens and labors to nurse children, what is experienced is her
memories of the past escaped?
• What if God the Father and Mother Nature died in a created space of time, being reduced to the lowest essence of being in hopes of
regenerating the needed energy to be recreated whole and birth all created?
• Is it possible that time is a created construct and not linear or finite?
• If time is stacked in an ongoing pyramid form, could Neverland be possible?
• Is the same story repeated as everything is birthed?

When minds are made whole, capabilities far exceed what is currently seen or imagined.

Join Amy on a markedly personal faith journey. The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 1: Foundations, Snippets from a Wild Ride – A Prayer, A Poem, A Prophecy. Leslie Jones from Readers' Favorite says, "The events that occurred are profound, miraculous, and inspiring. Even facing the judgment of those closest to her, Amy knew she was on the right path to complete self-awareness and a story to be told, shared, and to inspire others."

Continue with Volume 2: Passion's Fire on a protagonist's journey of intoxicating love for God and the unveiling of scripture, shedding light on the prophecies of Isaiah and Revelation. Vincent Duablo, with Readers' Favorite, says, "… Passion's Fire can be considered a social phenomenon that merits scrutiny. It is a provocative work that proposes a return to spiritual renewal, as it presents belief correlating with attitudes on personal and social issues."

Next, there are three books of poetry in Amy Jean's Side Steps series. This collection shoots flares up at the historical missteps we habitually ignore. D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer with Midwest Review, says, "…poetic social inspection at its best: a journey of compelling, engaging historical examination that links personal experience and evolution to activism in a compelling, unique, artistic manner where everything in life is potentially revolutionary."

Amy Jean's fourth book of poetry, The Long Stretch, is a collection of poems that share thoughts and experiences endured laboring toward cosmic birth in the new Heavens and New Earth. The author reveals her desires and dreams as the chapters progress from her thoughts on "truths." She throws many of them out to spin her desires into reality. Amy shares tidbits of struggles, opinions, dreams, visions, frustrations, and heartbreaks using refreshing freestyle poetic mastery.

Amy Jean's most recent book of poetry, Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites/Petrichor, reflects a WOMAN's anger during the pangs of labor and the joy upon viewing new birth. Crying can be refreshing. Petrichor/ Sediments: A Few Remaining Dark Thoughts is a therapeutic spiral-bound flipbook with two books of poetry. Sediments, A Few Remaining Dark Thoughts depicts the remaining somber, painful thoughts needing to be blotted out. Petrichor portrays the idyllic manifestations that occur when dreams become a reality.

Amy Jean's upcoming publication, The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 3 Reclaimed: Snippets from a Wild Ride, A Thought, A Theory, A Temptation, A Truth, is the rant of an angry WOMAN laboring over the violent past escaped and the continued repetitive nature of history. Amy paves an unusual and unanticipated path with this volume. Amy admits that her story is sometimes confusing as she contemplates possibilities about where humanity originated, the multiverse, and the various trajectories she has seen in lucid dreams and visions. The memoir reads like a tragic comedy that Amy hopes will precipitate tears and laughter, sometimes in tandem. Readers will discover a drastic change in tone and perspective. Amy even creates words to help express her ideas and feelings about her journey. She warns readers: It's important to note that much of this book results from the laborious evolutionary process of developing minds to reclaim humanities foundational truth."

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