25-year BPO veteran Garett Mullins joins Valor Global as Vice President of Sales

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Garrett Mullins

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, U.S., February 10, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Valor Global®, a leading provider of world-class customer experience solutions and minority-owned business process outsourcing provider, welcomes Garrett Mullins to its team as a Vice President of Sales.

Valor Global expects Mullins will lead its business relationships with its supply chain leaders.

“I am excited to bring Garrett’s contact center operations, optimization, and business relationship expertise to Valor Global,” said Brian Timmons, Chief Revenue Officer at Valor Global.

Garrett brings more than business development skills to the company. With 25+ years in strategic outsourcing in media, insurance, telecommunication, government, and “born-digital” companies, Garrett will add to our team of world-class talent as a leader of CX-powered BPO solutions.

Garrett has deep experience working with and on behalf of minority-owned businesses supporting corporate members of the National Minority Development Council (NMSDC) and organizations that support employing Americans with Disabilities and Military Veterans.

You can connect directly with Garrett Mullins, our new Vice President of Sales, on LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/in/garrettr-mullins-80a412137

About Valor Global: Valor Global is a 5,000+ employee, minority-owned, and highly experienced CX BPO solutions provider. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Valor provides extraordinary experiences aligning people, processes, and technology, resulting in the highest quality and performance. At Valor, we infuse culture with our talented team, innovation leveraging best-in-class technology, and operational excellence using LEAN and Agile frameworks. At Valor, our goal is to become an extension of our customer’s team and culture to provide extraordinary service. Our global reach extends from multiple U.S. locations to Costa Rica and the Philippines, giving our customers the flexibility, scalability, bilingual support, and freedom they need to source service operations in the best way to support their business objectives. That means we deliver extraordinary support around the clock. To learn more about Valor Global, visit valorglobal.com.

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